Hourly Hiring

The better, faster way to hire and retain hourly talent

Harver makes it easy to act fast with automation while reducing attrition too.

A pipeline in constant need

In a typical month, upwards of 4 million Americans quit their jobs.1 And with hourly workers comprising more than 55% of the total workforce,2 that’s about 2.2 million hourly positions to fill.

Your organization faces stiff competition to staff its open positions, so anything you can do to build, qualify, and quickly hire the best talent will have a major impact on your business performance. Harver gives you the tools to do it.

Make better talent decisions, faster with solutions that:

Increase efficiency
through automation

Identify top talent

Provide a
personal touch

Harver solutions for hourly hiring

Increase efficiency through automation

Managing high volumes of applicants is challenging, but if you automate repetitive aspects of your hiring process, you can take control of your recruitment pipeline. Harver programmatically screens candidate assessment results and ranks candidates for fast decision-making – at scale.

Identify top talent instantly

With Harver, you can evaluate candidates in as little as six minutes using scientifically validated pre-employment assessments customized to your organization. This gives you the ability to collect objective, behavioral data and easily identify top talent for your growing organization.

Engage applicants with a fast, branded chatbot

Fast-moving industries like retailers and restaurants can’t afford to lose top candidates to slow or boring application processes. Minimize drop-off with Harver CHAT (Conversational Hiring AI Tool). Our brandable chatbot engages applicants, captures candidates in your ATS, and routes them through the application process.

Set realistic expectations for better long-term results

With Harver, you can implement interactive videos to give candidates a realistic job preview and insight into what it’s like to be a member of the team. By setting appropriate expectations for what the role will really be like, you can help ensure that hired candidates actually stay in their jobs.

Hire for multiple locations efficiently – and effectively

With Harver, store managers can hire qualified candidates in as little as 24 hours. That’s because candidates can see and apply for multiple positions at multiple locations at one time, increasing the chances of making a match. If the candidate is more qualified for one role over another – or their availability better fits the needs of a different location – you’ll see that in their candidate report. Don’t let a good candidate get away.

Skip slow phone screening by modernizing your interview process

Harver Interview replaces phone screens with one-way video interviewing to create a streamlined, automated experience and obtain a well-rounded, consistent view of candidates. Showcase your employer brand with engaging content delivered mobile-first. Each of your stakeholders can then score candidates on their responses and collaborate with hiring managers directly. Make hiring faster and more collaborative and mitigate bias by standardizing the process.

Check references automatically – and increase your hiring pool

Calling references can slow down the hiring process. Eliminate wasted time chasing down references with phone interviews and collect more candid feedback for better insights with our best-in-class reference-checking solution. Plus, with a single click, references can opt-in to be included in your sourcing database.

Harver users experience


Decrease in
time to hire


Decrease in
employee turnover


satisfaction rate

“Harver made a huge difference in speeding up our overall hiring process. Previously it took around 20 or in some cases even 30 days to hire a candidate after they applied. Now we have interviews taking place 24 hours after the application.”

Martijn Ulehake, Employer Branding Specialist
at Albert Heijn

Ready for the modern solution to today’s talent challenges?

Harver helps the world’s leading brands hire better and faster.

1. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/jolts.nr0.htm

2. https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/minimum-wage/2021/home.htm

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