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The better, faster way to hire graduates and early talent.

Harver’s campus recruiting software makes it easy to assess potential and soft skills, while reducing campus recruiting costs and effort.

Select best fit early talent for any role

Successful campus recruiting requires your hiring process and your candidate experience to be fast, flexible, fair, and engaging.

With Harver’s campus hiring software solutions, your recruiters and early talent get what they need. Hire your organization’s future leaders based on behavioral fit and potential, in a streamlined way that connects with today’s diverse and demanding graduates.

Make better talent decisions, faster with solutions that:

Increase efficiency
through automation

Behaviorally measure potential and soft skills

Engage younger, early career talent

Harver solutions for campus recruiting

Understand candidate potential, not just pedigree

Resumes and degrees don’t tell the whole story, especially for early career talent. With Harver’s gamified behavioral assessments, you can assess candidate potential based on increasingly important soft skills. Using cognitive science, we measure durable skills like learning, decision making, and effort. So you can identify and hire the best graduates to hire and develop for any role.

Broaden your candidate pools to fuel growth

When competition for early talent is this tough, you need to reach more students without adding recruiter effort. Harver’s validated assessments provide objective data, which enables you to make fair hiring decisions at each stage. By mitigating unconscious bias, your campus recruiters can consider wider, more diverse pools of candidates to fuel innovation and leadership. 

Engage younger talent right away

Engage Gen Z talent before they even apply, with Harver CHAT. Our AI recruiting chatbot replaces boring forms that cause drop-off with fun conversation and rich media. Plus, our gamified behavioral assessments work on any device and include disability accommodations.

Empower self-development and internal mobility

76% of Gen Z workers leave their job to gain opportunities to learn new skills.1 Harver can help you hire, develop, and retain top graduates by providing personalized and easy to understand development reports for soft skills and more. Internal job seekers and hiring managers can also benefit, using objective assessment data and Harver’s actionable tips to close gaps for new roles within your organization.

Harver users experience


Decreased time
to fill


Decrease in
employee turnover


satisfaction rate


“Sage is excited to implement pymetrics for our Early Careers programs worldwide as part of our strategy to revolutionise Talent Acquisition through technology. Previously, manually screening all applications was a daunting, time-consuming task. With pymetrics, we can streamline the process, ensure inclusivity, and ensure a fair and engaging assessment of all candidates.”

Sarah Jackson, VP Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

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