Reference Checking

Hire more efficiently and confidently with automated reference checking that saves you more than 1.5 hours per reference.

Checking references manually isn’t worth the time and effort 

Yes, reference checks are important. But they often don’t provide critical information – particularly when you consider the time and hassle required to get them. Too often, people are too uncomfortable or time-pressed to serve as references. Some candidates provide references that are not legitimate. Harver has a better, faster way to get references that are worth it – and could grow your pool of candidates.   

Why use Harver Reference Checking?


turnaround time 

1.5 hours

of effort saved per
reference check 

6 references

per check


of references who
become passive
job candidates


of candidates
stopped before
they become
bad hires

No wonder Harver is the #1 rated reference checking solution

Harver Reference

Save 1.5+ hours per check with automation

With Harver’s automated solution, all a recruiter or hiring manager needs to do is add a candidate’s contact info. Then the candidate kicks off the automated process by entering their references, who receive a short a survey that can be completed in just 2 minutes on a mobile device.

More candid feedback for better candidate insights 

Because references are responding with text using their mobile or desktop device, you’ll discover that responses are far more candid and insightful than those you’ll get over the phone. Plus, all reference feedback is collected in a single report, which allows you to better spot — and share — trends (or issues). 

Detect fraud to prevent poor hires

Harver’s proprietary algorithm determines the legitimacy of each reference, catching common tricks like when candidates pass family members off as former managers or self-complete their own reference checks. Our solution flags fraud that might otherwise slip by undetected – which would normally be as high as 5% of candidates.

Capture more passive candidates

Harver lets you gather candidate insights and additional candidates you might not otherwise reach. Each reference check survey asks references if they’re interested in hearing about careers at your organization.

Typically, more than half of references “opt-in,” creating at least three new passive candidates per reference check. Passive candidates can be exported and brought into your CRM, generating a new pool of candidates to help fill other open positions.

Put the phone down to see productivity go up.

See exactly how automated reference checking can enable better, faster hiring.

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