Create a well-rounded view of candidates while engaging them — without slowing down hiring efforts.

Phone screens are too
time- and labor-intensive

Phone screens are too time- and labor-intensive

Phone screens add important perspective early on, but require countless hours scheduling and rescheduling calls.

Harver has a better — and faster — way to see more candidates with less recruiter effort, all while fostering a more team-oriented screening process. 

Why Harver Interview?


average reduction in
screening time  

4x – 8x

increase in
recruiter productivity


of candidates rate their
video interview
experience as great

Benefits of using Harver Interview

Automated interview execution

Avoid the time and effort spent arranging phone screens by automating the process. With Harver, you can record custom questions for each open position and prompt interviewees to record their responses. Candidates can respond whenever their schedules allow, and recruiters and hiring managers can review candidates at their convenience. Then the top interviews can be shared with other stakeholders.

You get a well-rounded view of each candidate’s communication ability, demeanor, attitude, and critical role-specific skills. All while dramatically increasing recruiter productivity by freeing up your team to focus on higher-value tasks instead
of scheduling. 

Mitigating bias

Harver’s video interviewing solution does more than save you time. It also minimizes the potential for bias because of the inherently structured and equitable interview format, which asks every candidate the same pre-recorded questions. Also, there’s no automated decision-making or facial/micro-expression analysis that can introduce bias during the scoring process. 

Candidate engagement 

Harver lets you take the screening interview to a whole new level by crafting a compelling experience that excites candidates about employment opportunities with your company.

You can include promotional videos that showcase your brand, team videos that provide candidates with a window into their prospective work environment, culture, and more. Harver’s mobile-first design makes it easy, and it works across devices with no app download. 

Collaborative interview scoring 

With Harver’s recorded interviews, you can share candidate responses with everyone involved in the hiring decision – not just the person conducting the interview – and have each evaluator score the responses using an easy and consistent rating scale. Scores are aggregated and reported, so everyone benefits from a more open, collaborative process.  

Options to further increase efficiency 

If you prefer two-way interview conferencing, Harver can make that process more efficient, too. Our automated interview scheduling lets candidates choose a time that works best for them, creating less work for recruiters. You can choose our “hosted apply” feature to capture applicants’ pre-interview information in a Harver-managed branded environment. And custom integration options support unique scenarios beyond Harver’s pre-built Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations. 

Want to streamline your interviewing process? 

See how you can engage and screen candidates without phone screens slowing you down.

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