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We are launchpad

We believe that recruitment and hr technology should deliver a beautiful, fair and secure user experience.

Objective Hiring with Global Support

We've built specific features designed to help businesses evidence fair and ethical hiring practices.

If you ever need help, we’re on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. We also support your candidates in making sure they get through each and every interview without a hitch.

security is king

Large or small all our clients are protected by enterprise grade encryption (ISO 27001 certified data centre).

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. We’ve designed LaunchPad to be easy to use so you don’t need a degree in software engineering to use it.

Running in the cloud enables us to be super-secure and provide rock-solid stability.


Multi device

Your next employee could come from anywhere. So at LaunchPad we make sure we’re everywhere your candidates are.

Launchpad can be used on the Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, and Android phones.

Ever growing

We’re constantly striving to make a better product. We listen to our customers and constantly growing and improving our product to ensure we remain the best innovators in the market.

integration into your business and existing technologies

Changing processes need not create a headache.  We'll pre-think all the things you should consider, and help you to implement in the most logical and compelling way for your business.

Our developer-friendly API is well documented and suitable for a wide range of integration options. Our clients developers love to work with us.