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The Market of Non-graduates: Are You Missing Out on Talent?

There’s no denying the biases that recruiters and employers alike show in favour of candidates holding a university degree. The assumption is that if a candidate has successfully attended and completed university, they are more likely to make a productive employee than someone who did not, for whatever reason, earn a degree. This assumption casts aside a huge population of intelligent and employable workers - the non-graduates - who could potentially make fantastic employees.

For the past three decades, the UK has undergone an increase in the number of low-paid, low skill-requiring positions (filled by non-graduates) as well as a proportional increase in high-paid positions (filled by graduates). What results is an “hour-glass” labour market, with very few mid-level jobs. The disparity in both poles of this hour glass is increasing, forcing non-graduates into lower and lower-wage jobs, and worsening the already imbalanced economic demographic.

Find out who who's making moves and what assumptions are being made in this whitepaper.

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