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How Technology Can Help You Confront your Equality Challenges

It’s been a while since the Equality Act came into effect, and now the dust has settled, it’s time for recruiters to take a long and hard look at their hiring practices – does bias still occur in your businesses, and do you have the power to your elbows to avoid or eradicate it.

What’s revolutionary about the Equality Act is not what it covers, but how it is presented. Previous legislation has protected workers from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, disability, and sexual orientation for years. But each of these criteria for discrimination, known as “protected characteristics,” relied upon a different law. The Equality Act unifies discrimination law and protects those most at risk.

In this whitepaper we discuss why businesses need to understand how the legislation might force a change in their hiring practices as well as the relevant benefits of recruitment technology in order to establish a fair and law-abiding approach.

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