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The Changing Face of In-House Recruitment

We surveyed and interviewed in-house recruiters across industries to find out what they’re excited about and the challenges they’ll be facing over the coming year, and it’s looking pretty complex.

Our brand new report The Changing Face of In-House Recruitment aims to bring you advice and insights from industry thought leaders, your peers and the team here at LaunchPad on how to navigate your way through.

Our report contains practical insights from:

  • Bill Boorman, Founder #tru Conferences
  • Ross Fernandez, Talent Acquisition Director, Avis Budget Group
  • Andrew Sage, Talent & Recruitment Manager, Ticketmaster, Live Nation
  • George Melia, Recruitment Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Thomas Bucaille, Former Chief People Officer, Ralph Lauren


  • How talent acquisition teams can raise their profile in the business - given 64% don't feel valued.
  • How you can use advanced automation while still creating a personalised & engaging candidate experience.
  • What the future of in-house recruitment looks like.

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