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Live Video Interviews

Connect face-to-face with candidates, instantly!

Make a Connection

LaunchPad's live video interviewing tool enables you to save valuable time and money by eliminating the need to travel for face-to-face interviews. Whether they are utilised as an initial screening tool, or as a replacement for later-stage, in-person interviews, our live video interviewing tool provides recruiters with a more comprehensive picture of each applicant.

Live video interview in action

Using Video Interviewing You Will:

  • Reach more applicants in more places - quickly assess talent where a face to face interview is either not possible or desirable due to time constraints and travel costs.
  • Deliver a better candidate experience - bring your brand and roles alive by embedding flexible video interviewing and automated scheduling.
  • Reduce costs - candidate self-service scheduling provides a simple experience for candidates and effortless time-savings for recruiters.
  • Improve collaboration - multiple reviewers can interview potential hires resulting in more objective decision making, helping to bolster intellectual diversity and innovation within your organisation.
Reviewing a live video interview

Live Video Interviewing Features

With live video interviewing you can create an exceptional candidate journey through your recruitment process. Our tool delivers:

  • Structured review criteria - Define how reviewers assess for each role, ensuring consistency.
  • Candidate self-scheduling - Candidates can select a convenient time and date for their live interviews.
  • Automated calendar syncing - Interviews are automatically allocated and added to your team's calendars, as per each individual's interviewing availability.
  • Integration with any ATS - Live interviews integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a streamlined process for both candidates and recruiters.

Interview Scheduling Tool

LaunchPad's interview scheduling tool is unique as it lets candidates take control — arranging their interviews for a time and date that suits them.

Candidate interviews are automatically assigned to one of your interviewing team, and synced to their calendars. Interviewers can pre-define their availability, and interviews will be scheduled for when the team is free.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are in our everyday lives making things easier, quicker and more convenient.

But is the world of recruitment keeping up?

Find out why advanced automation is key to creating an exceptional candidate experience, making your process quicker, slicker and more engaging for candidates.