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LaunchPad Live

Connect directly with more right-fit hires, right away!

Make a Connection

Picking out the right candidate is never an easy thing to do, and without the right tools, it can be downright impossible. LaunchPad Live™ enables recruiters to conduct white-labelled, live video interviewing with candidates, saving valuable time and money by eliminating the need to travel for face-to-face interviews. Whether it’s utilised as an initial screening tool, or as a replacement for later-stage, in-person interviews, LaunchPad Live™ provides recruiters with a more comprehensive picture of each individual applicant, ensuring that each hire is the best fit possible.


Position Your Employer Brand

Today’s best and brightest want to work for companies that are as innovative and forward-thinking as they are – recent research confirms that millennials are more likely to be attracted to companies that incorporate innovative technology into the recruitment process. Why? For job seekers, this is the primary window into a company’s ethos and trajectory, making it a key selling point for attracting top talent.

LaunchPad Live™ not only demonstrates the technological proficiency of your organisation, but also greatly improves the overall candidate experience by offering a built-in level of convenience. Allowing candidates to connect and interact with a real person face-to-face humanises your brand and broadcasts your company culture, keeping best-in-class candidates engaged and motivated throughout the recruitment journey.


Reach More Applicants in More Places

You always want to find the best possible fit for every opening, but there’s a good chance that the right person for the job may not live within the immediate vicinity of your office. As your search expands beyond the confines of your city, your region or even your nation’s borders, your increasingly diverse candidate pool can quickly shift from asset to liability – especially without the proper tools and approach.

LaunchPad Live™ takes location-based limitations out of the picture entirely, enabling organisations to reach and review more applicants from more places with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. Where phone interviews, resumes and CVs leave too much to the imagination, live, face-to-face video interviewing helps recruiters derive meaningful insights about each potential hire and make decisions based on merit and culture fit, even when they’ve never been in the same room.


Collaboration Is Key

Whether you’re filling an entry-level position or a senior leadership role, every new member of your team will play a vital part in the future success of your company. Thus, no hiring decision should be taken lightly – or left to a single individual.

LaunchPad Live™ enables up to six stakeholders to take part in a single interview, and its record and share features facilitate seamless collaboration between key decision makers throughout the review process. Getting multiple stakeholders involved leads to more objective decision making, helping to bolster intellectual diversity and innovation within the organisation. Considering that companies with diverse teams are a full 70% more likely to have expanded their market share within a given year, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to justify the investment.

With LaunchPad Live™, organisations can use live video interviewing to reach and assess a much wider applicant pool without the often untenable time strains and travel costs of traditional, face-to-face interviews. To keep the process as objective as possible, LaunchPad Live™ enables multiple stakeholders to weigh in on each candidate, and score applicants based on a predefined set of criteria, ensuring a fair and repeatable process. The result? An improved candidate experience that positions your brand as a leader in technology and recruitment.

Nearly 80% of Millennials look for people and culture fit with employers.
Collegefeed, March 2014