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Video Interview Software for Your Business

Enhance Your People Processes

LaunchPad Video Interview Software

Launchpad Recruits’ video interview software is changing the way organisations source and vet talent. Our products integrate seamlessly with your existing recruitment process while boosting your employer brand and helping you find the best candidates as efficiently as possible.


Assess Candidates Faster and More Accurately

Short on time and even shorter on qualified candidates? LaunchPad RECRUITS™ offers organisations an easy-to-use platform to set up, record, and review interviews with thousands of applicants. With a customisable dashboard that allows you to pre-select and record interview questions and establish a set criteria for responses, RECRUITS™ cuts preconceived biases out of the equation and empowers your organisation to make right-fit hires as efficiently as possible.


Screen efficiently, consistently and fairly

LaunchPad SELECT™ sifts through your applicant pool to surface only the most qualified candidates, saving your organisation time and helping you make right-fit hires. All your candidates will walk away with a positive impression of your company, even if they don’t get the job. That’s because SELECT™ uses multiple elements such as realistic job profiles so applicants can compare your organisation’s goals and values with their own, ensuring no one’s time is wasted.


Connect Instantly With Right-fit Candidates

LaunchPad LIVE™ allows you to conduct face-to-face interviews with a wider talent pool than ever before, improving the candidate experience, boosting your employer brand and facilitating better hiring decisions. The platform is white-labelled for your brand and tailored to the interview process, making the entire experience a more positive one for all parties involved.


Bring the Power of Data-led Decisions to Your Business

LaunchPad VERIFY™ combines groundbreaking data analytics and machine learning technologies to help organisations remove unconscious bias from the equation when it comes time to make tough business decisions. With VERIFY™, you’ll be able to identify bias in your existing processes, make smarter decisions and bolster diversity and inclusion in your workplace. The end result: a more engaged, innovative and successful organisation.

Our industry leading product provides you with the tools to...

  • Easy to set up

    Set up new interviews quickly and efficiently

  • Candidate experience

    Create an amazing candidate experience and interview format.

  • Images and video

    Use images and video in your interview questions.

  • Control your roles

    Control over when candidates are invited and can apply.

  • Custom review functionality

    Build your own criteria and rating.

  • Bespoke for businesses

    Customise for separate businesses provide bespoke tone-of-voice and messaging.

  • Multi device

    Candidates can use desktop computers or mobile devices to record their responses.

  • Analytics

    Detailed analytics of the interview process