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Applying data to improve the quality of hiring decisions

Our research shows candidates interviewed just before lunch are scored noticeably lower by interviewers than those after lunch.

This is just one example that illustrates how difficult it is for recruiters to ensure consistent recruitment decisions are made. In fact, when multiple reviewers score a single candidate on a five-point scale, they disagree on scores 95% of the time.

Bias and human inconsistency play a detrimental role in recruitment. The situation is further complicated for recruiters by decentralised organisations and high levels of hiring manager involvement. Educating managers about how to make fair hiring decisions is a real challenge. This means the business will miss out on the best talent, provide a lacklustre candidate experience, or make poor hiring decisions.


Ensuring consistency. LaunchPad is the only video assessment platform that can analyse reviewer rating and inconsistencies to draw out biases and minimise adverse impact. Analytics help to bring consistency to volume hiring in large organisations where there are multiple reviewers, or hiring managers, involved in recruitment decisions.

Removing bias. LaunchPad’s Verify combines data analytics and machine learning technologies to help organisations remove unconscious bias from the equation when making hiring decisions. Using big data collected by the platform over time, LaunchPad supports recruiters by helping them to remove roadblocks and ensure objective decision-making.

Improving diversity. LaunchPad Predict combines best practice from occupational psychology, machine learning, and human decision making to identify candidates who will be high performers, whilst highlighting any hidden gems that may have been missed through traditional screening techniques. LaunchPad's predictive analytics support the achievement of diversity and inclusion goals which will in turn, contribute to better business performance.

Combining machine learning and human decision-making ensures fairer, more consistent, hiring decisions and reduces the risk of missing top talent and of hiring unsuitable candidates. By making use of big data captured at every data point, throughout every candidate journey, we help you to drive even better hiring decisions.

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Hiring the right candidate can be significantly impacted by seemingly minor factors such as time of day and is greatly affected by unconscious bias. Find out how technology can remove this.


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