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LaunchPad VERIFY™

Bring the power of data led decisions to your business

Making good hiring decisions is critical to building a successful business but how do you know when a candidate will be the right fit for your organisation? LaunchPad VERIFY™ uses powerful data analytics to provide insights into your processes and reviewer behaviour, supporting hiring managers in making consistent and fair hiring decisions


Make better hiring decisions

Decision making can be influenced by a range of external factors, unconcious bias, reviewer fatigue and even hunger can all play a part without individuals realising.

These all have an impact on judgement leading to inconsistency and poor decision making from reviewers. Given that the reported cost of a bad hire is on average £50,000, this can have a clear impact on the business bottom line. 

LaunchPad's reviewer insights and analytics platform VERIFY helps solve this problem by helping you understand how your reviewers are making decisions.

It gives you the tools to systematically address inconsistency, poor decision making and unconcious bias, so that you can consistently make the right hires for your organisation.



Identify problems in your recruitment process

LaunchPad VERIFY™ applies advanced machine learning technology to massive data pools. Every time a reviewer scores a video interview VERIFY's algorithm analyses hundres of data points relating to the review process.

These insights help you identify instances of unconcious bias, any inconsistencies within a review team and measure the effectiveness of your assessment criteria. 

You are then able to see where a reviewer needs additional training and most importantly, you can be confident that every new hire or internal promotion represents the best possible decision for your team, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. 


Key Features

VERIFY is able to provide clear flags and signals to help organisations hire more efficiently and make consistent, high quality hiring decisions.

  • Test the suitability of your assessment criteria to ensure it can be applied fairly and consistently across candidates, before you start your campaign.
  • Track reviewer behaviour and scores when interacting with candidate videos.
  • Use the dashboard to identify actionable steps for improvement and create a fair and consistent screening process.