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At LaunchPad we take the time to listen and understand the needs of our partners so we can deliver world-leading technologies that are supported at every stage.

save hours and optimise your workflow

Our platform and tools allow a custom solution that can help your business optimise and grow.

launchpad partners include

  • Job sites adding value to advertisers
  • BPO’s and RPO’s delivering technology innovation to power customer strategy
  • ATS providers building end to end solutions
  • Recruitment Software providers focusing on full employee lifecycle
  • Video to attract, engage, select and develop candidates is fast becoming hot topic.

And forward thinking businesses are recognising that integrating with LaunchPad allows them to deliver SaaS technology and service that is best in class. Become a partner

We add value by

  • Delivering additional revenue on a ‘per interview’ basis
  • Enhancing your clients’ ability to convert talent into tangible hires
  • Helping recruiters to make quicker and more effective recruitment decisions

Adding value to our partners with an evolving technology, customer and market insight and big ideas. Become a partner


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seamless integration with your existing technologies

Our developer-friendly API is well documented and suitable for a wide range of integration options. Our clients’ developers love to work with us!


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