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  • “I’m really pleased with the overall service from LaunchPad – we’ve been using it here at the BBC for a year or so now and it’s been a fantastic tool for testing. It’s very user friendly and we’ve had great feedback from our candidates. It has definitely modernised our testing methods! Your team are incredibly responsive and helpful too. An absolute pleasure!”

    Senior Resourcing Adviser, World Service

  • “The platform is user friendly and even though we're just starting using it we've come to realise that is really saving us some time on our recruitment processes, and we are thrilled about this!! Nevertheless, I think what we value the most is the availability, predisposition and amazing treatment received from every single one of the members of the Launchpad team. Our customer experience has been excellent thanks to all of you!”

    Talent Specialist

  • "I wanted to bring the role to life in the recruitment process, LaunchPad was the perfect way to do this. Video Interviewing supports Nationwide’s digital agenda and we’ve had some great candidate feedback, not to mention the completion stat’s and time saved by the Resourcing team in the screening process.

    Daniel Clowes

  • “I love using video assessments. Using LaunchPad gives us a more thorough screening method, elevates the candidate experience and improves collaboration between Recruiters and Hiring Managers. The tool also reduces the amount of time that our recruiters are spending on pre-screening as the video assessments give us so much critical information about whether we’d like to pursue that candidate further. ”

    Employee Experience Liaison

  • “No platform is perfect. Who wants to be perfect anyway? I really enjoy engaging with you guys. You're always approachable, quick to respond and authentic. The platform is extremely straightforward to use and really helps us saves time by helping pre-screen candidates. To round this off nicely. This is a service / relationship led world, and you guys have this spot on..”

    Resourcing Specialist

  • "Our process came to life in a much more professional and attractive way from a candidate experience because of the ease of using Launchpad, and the video assessment really has helped in assessing the quality of the candidates applying. A great experience all round."


  • “The whole platform is great. The ease of creating separate functions for different campaigns is really helpful, and I especially like the ability to load my own videos for the questions, as well as the easy invitation process, which removes unnecessary steps. What I like most is the removal of the administrative burden, which gives me more of a feel for the people beyond just their CV, it’s allowed us to take our recruitment to the next level!”

    Group Apprentice Manager

  • “Corndel is rapidly expanding and continuing to recruit brilliant people is critical to our success as a world-class training business. Launchpad has significantly reduced the amount of time that our recruitment process takes, helping us to screen out unsuitable candidates faster and more efficiently.”

    Chief Executive

  • We've had some great feedback from our hiring managers about LaunchPad. Video interviewing allows them to see candidates before a face-to-face interview. This helps them make informed recruitment decisions at the shortlisting stage as they are able to see a candidate's communication skills, and enthusiasm for the role. As a global company recorded video interviews are a real advantage as candidates are able to record their interview at any time and without the need to travel, reducing our time to hire. Being fully integrated into our ATS makes it easy for managers and recruiters alike to use.

    Global Head of Resourcing

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