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How to improve candidate experience


The recruitment process is no longer a one-sided affair, and many companies, such as EasyJet and McDonald’s, are quickly discovering that their ability to attract and hire top talent is directly related to their application process. Improving the candidate experience dramatically increases the percentage of successful, long-term hires, and ensures that unsuccessful candidates will come away with a positive outlook, keeping a company’s reputation intact.

Takeaway points

Be Transparent - start by being crystal clear and honest about your company’s core values and culture. According to Recruiting Blogs, John Wilson, the founder and CEO of WilsonHCG, employs the philosophy that it’s “better to hire a ‘10’ as a person and a ‘7’ in skill-set than it is to hire a ‘7’ as a person and a ‘10’ in skill-set.”

As he points out, you can always teach new skills, but you usually can’t change someone’s personality.

To Attract Top Talent, Treat Candidates Like Top Talent - the general tone of an interview has a huge impact on a candidate’s experience. Your top choice probably won’t accept an offer to work in a seemingly intimidating and unfriendly environment. Not only will a warm and friendly interview make your company seem like a more desirable place to work, but unsuccessful candidates will feel more inclined to speak positively of your company across their various social networks.

Keep it Short and Sweet - some hiring professionals believe that a lengthy and complicated application process can be an effective tool for vetting unqualified, apathetic candidates. But a recent CareerBuilder study revealed that over 60% of applicants surveyed said they’d given up on applications due to their length and complexity. A convenient, streamlined hiring process will ultimately create a larger pool of qualified applicants.

Technology Is Your Friend - new technologies have made improving the candidate experience more cost-effective and easier than ever. Video recruiting software allows candidates to record answers to interview questions remotely, which hiring managers can then review and share at a later time. Not only does it eliminate the associated scheduling and travel costs of traditional, face-to-face interviews, but it also enhances the level and quality of engagement for all parties involved.

The key to remember...

Top candidates want to work at cutting-edge companies, and as video recruiting technology becomes increasingly common, job seekers will be expecting this level of engagement and convenience at every stage of the application process. What’s clear is that if you keep your candidates happy, your company will be even happier.


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