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Workshop for In-house Recruiters: Effective Online Copywriting for Recruitment

Kristina Donauskyte

PrintOur friends at Ingenium People are holding yet another exciting workshop for those in-house recruiters who are looking to sharpen their online copy writing skills. To book tickets now, please visit the website.

The workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills, tools and techniques they need to write online copy for recruitment campaigns which will:

- Attract better candidates and discourage unsuitable candidates

- Reduce time-wasting applications and time spent in processing

- Reduce overall costs and increase the efficiency of your recruitment process

- Promote your Employer Brand and reputation to engage quality candidates

- Enable you to compete more effectively in the marketplace

With a strong practical focus, delegates will create two job ads from their own job descriptions which they are invited to work on during the course.

Using a range of proven techniques including the AIDA advertising model to plan and target each job post, delegates will learn how to follow a step process to write creative and compelling job ads that promote the Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to attract the best candidates.

At the end of the workshop, delegates will know how to quickly convert complex (and sometimes dull) job descriptions into highly compelling, targeted and effective online job ads. For more information and to book tickets, please visit the website.

Kristina Donauskyte

Digital Strategist at LaunchPad. We believe in seeing more of a person, of a company of an impact by building influential video screening, assessment and engagement technology that fits within the employment lifecycle