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Recruitment Automation

Why in-house recruiters need to use automation in 2018

Ania D'Agostino

In our webinar recap we share insights from our panel, including Dave Millner, HR Curator, on our latest report 'The Changing Face of In-House Recruitment', and reveal our top tips on how you can adopt automation in 2018.

72% of in-house recruiters in Launchpad’s latest research cited they’d like to make more use of automation in the next three years.

Making aspirations a reality

One of the main discussion points of the webinar was automation. Our research showed there is a clear aspiration from in-house recruitment teams to move towards more advanced automation. However, there’s still a concern in organisations that this risks disengaging candidates by removing humans from the process and replacing them with machines! Consequently only 27% of recruiters believe they will be using the most advanced form of automation (artificial intelligence) within three years.

The panel challenged this view. Often inconsistency creeps into the process if hiring managers are not used to interviewing. The panel discussed how automation can be used to improve inconsistency when hiring, what if we were able to standardise the process and have the right personal interventions at the right points?

Automation and AI make this possible. They enable us to create a standardised experience, to compare and contrast candidates and measure them in an objective way, whilst freeing up time for recruiters and hiring managers to engage with top talent.

Automation in action

During the webinar Dave Millner drew upon his experience highlighting a project he was involved in where 8,000 people were exposed to chatbots in early application stages. Feedback was unanimously good. Candidates said that when using a chatbot they always knew what was happening and really appreciated they could get the information they needed on-demand. Only in the later stages did people say they’d miss human contact.

The panel agreed automation doesn’t have to mean you lose the personal touch. When done correctly, and technology is adopted with a human-centric orientation, it improves the candidate experience. It doesn’t replace the recruiter. If a candidate can apply for a role in minutes and then schedule themselves for an interview or an assessment centre, the process is much smoother and the candidate feel they’re going to be part of a great organisation, that values its employees.

How can recruiters adopt automation? – Top tips from the webinar

  • Refocus what you do: automation is a hugely exciting opportunity to refocus the role of the recruiter. With the use of technology, we need to do fewer repetitive tasks and can spend more time building relationships, internally and with candidates.
  • Think like a project manager: in our report Bill Boorman spoke about the role of the recruiter being that of a project manager: achieving a goal to a deadline, to a budget and managing multiple stakeholders. We need to create visibility for the recruitment function through accurate reporting and by aligning recruitment metrics to business goals.
  • Be on your game: the slick experience that automation can create, raises the bar. We as recruiters need to be on our game for that first touchpoint. We need to be spot-on in terms of our approach when it’s time for human intervention.
  • Take an engineering lens: technology alone is not going to solve any problems, but it is going to reengineer processes to make them more efficient. It’s important not to automate processes that aren’t any good!
  • Be sophisticated about vendor choice: there’s nothing worse than buying a technology solution without the infrastructure to make it work. Make sure there is a clear rationale for tech and that it fits with the experience the organisation wants to create.

After demystifying automation, the panel parted with a final thought about the value of the recruitment function: recruitment to onboarding is a natural fit. In the future perhaps the talent acquisition team will extend its role further into the candidate journey to preserve consistency of experience? If recruitment has done a great job up to the point of hiring, why stop there?

For more tips about preparing for automation listen to the webinar.


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Ania D'Agostino

Ania D'Agostino is a Marketing Manager at LaunchPad Recruits