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How to Make Your Job Ad Stand Out In a Booming Recruitment Industry

Clare Hopping

ListingsRecruitment advertising is at an all-time high, growing faster than the industry average and proving very popular with recruiters and job-seekers alike.

A recent study by Deloitte, as reported by thedrum.com, has found that digital recruitment advertising is growing at a far higher rate of 25 per cent than the digital advertising industry average of 18.3 per cent. Jodi Birkett of Deloitte, believes that, “Improvements in economic conditions have supported a fall in unemployment rates as businesses regain confidence in their financial security.”

Here we examine why it is booming now and how recruiters can ensure their adverts stand out from the pack.

Employment Is On The Up

This renewed confidence has resulted in an increase in the jobs market, creating benefits for both employers and employees alike. Businesses are beginning to reinvest in their people and recruiting new talent to strengthen their workforce. Job-seekers have more employment opportunities to choose from, and feel more job security in their chosen role.

June’s UK employment figures as published by the Office of National Statistics show a large increase in the number of people employed from February to April 2014 compared to November 2013 to January 2014. In fact, “There were 30.54 million people in work, 345,000 more than for November 2013 to January 2014 and 780,000 more than a year earlier.”

With this in mind, it has become a job-seekers market, with companies vying for the best candidates to fill their roles. With the competition this tough, recruitment advertising is more important than ever, with ever-increasing creativity going into making one advert stand out from the rest.

How to Make Your Ad Stand Out

There are some simple ways to ensure that your recruitment ad will attract the right people. Firstly, it’s crucial that the job title catches attention and creates intrigue. We all know that the folks who work in the Apple Store do not take an IQ test to work there, and are not the traditional definition of ‘genius’ but it gives them a sense of pride and makes customers trust them.

Likewise, job-seekers may recognise they will not be a ‘guru’, ‘master’ or ‘maestro’ in their chosen field, but these uncommon and exciting terms create a sense of intrigue that will attract people to read the full description.

Recruitloop.com describes how Apple continued their theme of grand job titles, by giving a job the title of ‘Senior Armageddon Avoidance Engineer’!


Another way to engage job-seekers with an advertisement is to step away from the usual wordy job description, and develop something new that will not only get more applicants but it will also show the company as innovative and modern.

Some may choose to embed a video into the advert, allowing people who work for the company to talk about their jobs, or to provide a snap-shot of a day in the life of someone at the company. It is also a good idea to make the description itself creative and fun, such as this example from woot.com for a Senior Retail Product Manager:

“When you saw My Fair Lady you admired how that old guy drove interest in the guttersnipe until she was a viable long-term investment. When you saw Citizen Kane you were shocked at how the director missed out on his chance to leverage synergy and cross-promote a sled. You want to leverage a customer base, grow awareness of Woot, and drive your product-du-jour into the very best product-du-jour it can be. You're the Senior Retail Product Manager of our dreams, and YOU are the product WE want in our snuggle cart! Remember: you can't report us to HR for saying 'snuggle cart' until you actually work here.”

Dos and Don’tsDo-DoNot

Here are some simple rules to follow when creating an advertisement to ensure maximum engagement from the right people:

DO – make sure the job has a catchy title and the advertisement has an engaging description as one without the other will only get you so far

DO – give a real view of what life is like with your company

DO – get current employees to describe aspects about the business or job that would have excited them in an advert

DO – have fun with it! If you want to attract fresh, young talent to your business, you need to be creative

DON’T – go too heavy on graphics or snazzy colours. Some will attract, but too many will repel

DON’T – put too many words in. Try and use a different medium such as video or images

DON’T – go into too much detail about the job, but focus on the type of person you want to fill the role

DON’T – only put it out on one channel, such as job sites. Use social media, your own company’s website and any other avenues you can think of to attract maximum attention.

It’s great news for businesses and job-seekers alike that after the terrible unemployment figures of the last few years, things are on the rise. Even during those tough time, there was always fierce competition to make one recruitment advert stand out from the next, and in this up-turn it is only getting fiercer. So make sure the right people are seeing and engaging with your job ads!

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.