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WEBINAR RECAP: How to Create a Fair and Consistent Hiring Process

Ania D'Agostino

pexels-photo-27501 (1).jpgKirstie Kelly teamed up with Morgan Lobb to host a webinar on creating a fair and consistent hiring process — here are a few highlights from their conversation.

Despite some uncertainty surrounding Brexit’s impact on the economy and labour market, according to the Office for National Statistics, the national employment rate has reached 74.8%, the “joint highest since comparable records began in 1971.” For recruiters, this upswing has meant one thing: the so-called “War for Talent” is back on.

Firms looking to source top talent today need to be asking themselves, how attractive are we as an organisation to the types of candidates we’re trying to hire? An increasingly diverse UK workforce is looking for employment opportunities in environments where they feel they’ll be accepted and valued not only based on their skills and experience, but also for who they are and where they come from.

LaunchPad co-founder Kirstie Kelly recently sat down with Morgan Lobb, CEO of Verida (and founder of Diversity Jobs), for a webinar discussion on how ensure diversity and inclusion is a central component of your organisation’s talent attraction and assessment strategies. Here are some of the key takeaways from their conversation.

Talk the Talk...

According to Morgan, one of the biggest challenges organisations face is attracting diverse talent when they’re not necessarily perceived as a diverse employer. Many companies invest a great deal of energy and resources into internal diversity initiatives, but it’s not necessarily visible from the outside.

So the big question is, how can you quash entrenched stereotypes so you can become an employer of choice for individuals who haven’t traditionally seen you that way? The answer, of course, is to communicate more effectively; however, this isn’t necessarily as simple a solution as it may sound.

Many organisations rely on job boards and ATS platforms to get the word out about new positions. Unfortunately, these are no longer up to scratch when it comes to effectively communicating an employer brand. The fact is, most applicants simply glance at a job description and make an in-the-moment decision based solely on that information. Of course, a short, text-based format typically fails to capture the broader goals of the organisation -- that they’re making D&I a priority and interested in attracting the widest group of candidates possible.

Companies need to start adopting more a dynamic approach to talent marketing if they want their desired message to be heard. Tell the stories of your current employees and your D&I initiatives in formats that will actually resonate with the candidates of today -- e.g., social media campaigns, video testimonials, traditional PR, etc. If you want to capture the attention of a new audience, make sure you’re speaking their language, and ensuring you’re advertising in the right places.

….And Walk the Walk

The next step is addressing the hiring process itself. As Kirstie points out, all too often a candidate will find a company that they feel aligns with their values on D&I, only to initiate the application process and find themselves reconsidering.

For applicants, your hiring process serves as a window into the core cultural values and priorities of your organisation. The point being, it’s not just a tool for assessing candidates, but a means through which to attract them as well.

Today’s candidates are incredibly sensitive to issues of “procedural justice” in recruitment -- when a candidate perceives they aren’t being evaluated in an objective manner, they become less motivated, often abandoning the application process altogether. For this reason, it’s incredibly important not only that you design a fair and balanced hiring system, but that you make sure candidates are aware of the fact that you’ve done so. That means outlining your process step-by-step, explaining how the technologies and tactics you’ve employed increases ensures equal assessment for all who apply.

To learn more about how data and automation can enhance both the objectivity and the overall perception of your brand, watch the full webinar here.

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Ania D'Agostino

Ania D'Agostino is a Marketing Manager at LaunchPad Recruits