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Nice to Meat You: Ad Agency's Bizarre Recruitment Video Makes Strong Impression

Clare Hopping

Dennis Wilkinson/flickr Dennis Wilkinson/flickr

An advertising agency has gone viral with its meat-themed recruiting video. Whether you find it hilarious or downright disturbing, you can’t deny the impact of this bizarre music video.

Fresh Meat: Making an Impression

A new advert for a summer internship programme has everything you could ever want: rhyming lyrics, infectious beats, a catchy chorus, and memorable special effects. But it does make you wonder… what the meat is going on?!

Mother New York, an advertising agency, released a recruitment video that has elicited both delight and dismay among its viewers. The title of their summer internship, Fresh Meat, does more than just hint at what the video contains – it reveals its entire juicy content.

You know you’re in for a tasty (or repulsive) treat when the video opens with a psychedelic spiral of meat, which quickly reveals jumping hamburgers, sausage candles, and a praying woman in a meat wig.

It gets even better when a pale man in a black hood starts singing about pork, steak, chicken, and duck in a poppy voice. And if that isn’t enough for you, all of this goes on against a backdrop of raw steaks and soaring meat patties.

Oh, and don’t forget the flying sausages that slap the singing man in the face throughout the song’s catchy chorus, which consists only of the repeated chant, “Fresh meat!” With its “epic 1980s-style staging and visual effects,” Adweek aptly describes it as “basically a Gen X butcher's acid fantasy.”

But what exactly is the video trying to convey through its barrage of gravy showers, jet aircrafts, and spinning farm animals?

Has This Meat Been Cooked?

Human Resources Online observes the video’s main, somewhat convoluted message: Mother New York wants to attract raw talent, not “day-old meat” to their internship programme. If you look past the strange visuals, you can hear the lyrics describing the qualities of candidates they’re looking for:

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been before
We want you raw because we’re hungry
Even if you’ve been on the floor

Donald Buscando, Mother’s SVP and managing director, tells Creativity Online, “At first we were afraid the video may not appeal to vegans or vegetarians. But at the crux of the message we are not asking young people to eat meat, we are simply saying they are the meat. We hope that’s clear.”

This seems like an intentionally confusing response, showing that the video’s message is less important than its attention-grabbing nature.

It’s a metaphor taken to the extreme – an obvious attempt to appeal to millennials’ ironic sensibilities. The weirdness of the video seems like a grab for virality, and this will probably overshadow any practical message about a summer internship.

Ultimately, though, the video’s insanity leaves such a strong impression that you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. People are talking about it, and in that sense, Mother’s has made an extremely successful piece of content to keep new professionals engaged.

Effectiveness of Employer Brand Videos

skittledog/flickr skittledog/flickr

While it may leave some sick to their stomach, credit must be given to Mother New York for creating a video that immediately holds the viewer’s attention. Companies wishing to boost their employer brand can learn a thing or two from the advertising agency’s approach.

For example, Video Brewery reports that one minute of video has the same value and impact as 1.8 million words! With the average Internet user spending 16 minutes, 49 seconds watching online video adverts every month, companies are really missing out by not utilising video marketing.

Furthermore, their research shows that 20% of viewers click away from a video after just 10 seconds. Mother’s video holds short attention spans by making its opening 10 seconds so absurd, it becomes simply impossible to look (or click) away.

Fresh Meat’s message may not be clear, but its viewers certainly hear it.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.