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Video Interviewing

Video Cuts Through the Recruitment Noise

Tom Williams

static.jpgHR professionals are taking a page out of the digital marketer’s playbook, and are utilising video content to attract best-fit hires – but are also adopting some subtle and compelling techniques to move far beyond simply advertising to prospective candidates.

In the age of digital content hyper-saturation, marketing professionals have identified video as the key to breaking through the noise and reaching their target audience. But video isn’t just a great tool for selling products to consumers – in the world of HR, hiring professionals are recognising video as the perfect medium for appealing to time-poor business mid to senior professionals and to entry level job seekers, conveying powerful, engaging messages with targeted content.

Even the Word ‘Video’ Has an Impact!

You don’t have to do much digging to see that video content is an asset to anyone in the digital marketing space, whether the activity is HR-related or not. According to a recent report from Syndacast, 74% of all internet traffic will come from video by 2017. Moreover, including the word “video” in an email subject line increases click-through rates by 65%, while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%. It’s also worth mentioning that YouTube is now the second largest search engine platform on the planet, according to Search Engine Land.

Perhaps most importantly, the same Syndacast report suggests that 65% of video viewers watch more than three-quarters of the videos they come across online – in other words, if you have a message that you want people to hear, video is far and away the best option. This should be of particular interest for recruiters, who are constantly on the lookout for new, impactful ways to stand apart from similar companies with similar offerings in an increasingly competitive job marketplace.

Engaging Talent When More Than Salary Matters

Beyond simply catching a potential candidate’s eye, video enable businesses to project their company culture and core values in an extremely personalised and impactful way. This is crucial, especially considering that HR Magazine reported 53% of UK workers wouldn’t even consider working at a company with a poor employer brand.

Moreover, one in six would turn down a job with a high salary for one with better job security, advancement opportunities and a better work environment. But the fact the high-impact nature of video content will be of little help when in attracting top talent unless HR professionals understand how to utilize it effectively.

Maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all departments is crucial to projecting a solid employer brand to prospective hires – to that end, corporate language and video composure will play a critical role in determining how candidates perceive your organisational culture. Be sure to avoid the generic and focus on your company’s passions above all else.

Take advantage of the dynamic qualities video offers to tell stories that carve out your business’ narrative in a unique and engaging way – for example, create a “day in the life” segment that showcases actual people from your company in their day-to-day working environments. Share these videos not only in job adverts and on your website, but across the social networks of your company and your current employees.

Very few HR teams have the resource or capability to curate this type of content, although increasingly, this is becoming a key part of their communication toolkit.

Better Company Culture = Better Company.

But which comes first: a positive company culture and therefore a better company, or visa versa? Ultimately, your ability to attract the ideal hires boils down to A) the company culture you’ve already fostered within your organisation and B) your ability to project that culture effectively.

As more and more right fit hires come across your video content and gain a better understanding of your company, more offers will be accepted once they’ve been made. And as your workforce becomes chock-full of great employees, it will only become more attractive to top-tier candidates looking for their next great opportunity.

Intellectual and cultural diversity is a key driver of productivity. In fact, companies with a diverse and inclusive workforce are 45% more likely to improve their market share within a given fiscal year, and 70% more likely to capture a new market in the same period. Through well-crafted, informative recruitment videos, HR professionals can attract candidates from a wider range of intellectual and cultural backgrounds, thereby bolstering innovation, satisfaction and ultimately, profit margins within their organisation.

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Tom Williams

Tom is Business Development Director at LaunchPad Recruits. Tom helps companies rethink and re-engineer their recruitment process and adopt more effective ways of working.