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The Changing Face of Recruitment by Keith Robinson...

Kirstie Kelly

Keith is recognised as the ‘voice’ of recruitment. From the early days of running Computer Weekly through to his role as founder of Personnel Today, his influence over this industry is far reaching.

That’s why we wanted to capture his opinion about the changing face of the recruitment industry and the approach towards automation. Here’s what he said…


Eric Friedman just wrote that The Future of Human Capital Can’t Function Without Recruiting Automation.” He lists video interviewing as one of the technologies that helps recruiters “automate” their hiring approach— how will this be a benefit for candidates and hiring managers?

The premise here is already flawed, believes Robinson. We’ve seen a move from recruitment simply becoming a ‘process’ which dehumanises the connection with the candidate, and seen this replaced with a focus towards the candidate experience.

This is a premise widely supported by the team at LaunchPad, who firmly believe that Video will help to make the recruitment process real again.

“When recruitment becomes a process, with for example, the introduction of clunky ATS’s it’s ugly” believes Keith. “Video Interviewing makes recruitment human again, long before the candidate actually meets the employer. It returns recruitment back to the essence of a conversation. It makes sense. I only wonder why it’s taken nearly 12 years for the technology to catch up!”.

So we asked, what does Keith believe to be the real recruitment trends moving forward?

With a significant influence from the US, we are starting to see the shift of change from outsourcing towards in-house recruitment. Back to a 50/50 split. Whilst total process outsourcing (RPO) remains popular, employers are recognising the need for a better focus towards the entire employee lifecycle. Keith believes that cost saving in the recruitment process will be replaced by a wider view of the entire employees ROI throughout their entire employment.

Secondly, he believes that there will be a real technology war, with significant investment made in the recruitment space. With a shift from ‘attracting and placing’ candidates through to true end to end candidate engagement. Businesses will take a true CRM view of their candidate and employee care and value.

And finally, the increasing trend towards mobile, will continue to build. Businesses will see the true value for recruitment, and see value in returning job seeking into something truly portable. Back to the day when job-seeking started with the newspapers!

But the strongest theme – really is towards employer branding. Recognising there isn’t so much a war on talent, but a war for engagement.

And the net result – surely this will positively impact upon job-seekers ability to find the right job or career?

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Kirstie Kelly

Kirstie is our resident expert in the field of recruitment and technology, having 23 years total experience in commercial business across a range of business sectors. As a result, she has been instrumental in ensuring the innovative technology provided at LaunchPad is relevant for our customers. Kirstie's passion is all about finding creative solutions to recruitment challenges. And no better way than with technology!