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Technology Is Not Just the Future of Recruitment, It’s the Present

Natasha Bernal

videoheadBy 2016, it is expected that there will be more smartphones than people in the world. The implications of this technology trend for HR managers and recruiters are already making themselves clear.

More than 70% of active job hunters currently use their smartphones or mobile devices to look for jobs. This number is only likely to rise in the next few years as Generation Y begin to climb the career ladder and technology continues to develop rapidly.

If job hunters are going mobile and embracing technology, it logically follows that recruiters would be too. However there is a major discrepancy between employers and their potential employees. Just 7% of companies currently have a mobile version of their career site, meaning that they are almost certainly missing out on top talent by failing to engage them and make a good first impression.

Nearly all HR managers agree that technology is the future and that they will begin to use it ‘at some point’. 94% of recruiters say they plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts ‘soon’. However what they fail to realise is that the time to embrace technology in their recruitment process is not in the future, but right now.

CTA_FOR_DATA_DOSSIER_-_TECH_FOR_EMPLOYER_BRAND_1Many companies are looking for smart, tech-savvy people to employ, yet they don’t seem to realise that a crucial way to attract these people is by demonstrating that they are a company who is not afraid of technology.

A company that embraces technology right now will stand out from the competition and be seen as modern and forward-thinking leaders by candidates. Leave it a few more years to engage with recruitment technology and companies risk being seen as old-fashioned and out-of-touch followers.

There are further benefits for recruiters who bet on technology now and not in the future. Social media can be a useful asset for companies to conduct background checks of potential employees by looking at their online presence. LinkedIn is also an invaluable tool for HR professionals and headhunters who are searching for the right candidates to fill a role and makes it easier to approach them.

Furthermore, using technology like video interviews not only makes a company seem current, but can make a huge difference to the time, cost and quality of hire in the recruitment process.

The current debate in HR is not whether technology will or should be used in the recruitment process; this is unanimously agreed. The real question is when it should be used. Smart recruiters know the answer is sooner, rather than later.

Natasha Bernal

Natasha is a journalist with an extensive technology and startup news background. She brings LaunchPad to life through words in our blog, press releases and updates. As the person that shapes our brand personality, she makes our goals and ideas reality in the online world.