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Recruitment technology

Use Technology to Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy

Clare Hopping


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Do you think your business’ recruitment strategy is inadequate? Even if you don’t, it wouldn’t hurt to take a second look at the technologies used by your recruitment firm. Chances are, they are not up to par. As reported by Onrec, most recruitment firms lack sufficient technology budgets and IT teams for maximising their clients’ growth potential and profit margins (research by business and technology consulting firm QuoStar).

By not allocating enough personnel and resources to keep up the pace with today’s technology-based recruitment process, potentially successful firms preemptively limit themselves.

Regardless of how smart and hardworking a firm is, if it is not well-versed in contemporary technologies and if the firm does not utilise the best of these technologies that it can afford, it is limiting its clients’ recruitment strategy, and in turn, their potential growth.

By not properly funding the IT component of recruitment and by not choosing modern, applicant-friendly methods to hire new staff, companies are losing potential applicants, and potential employees.

Recruitment Today: Online and Beyond the PC

Although the traditional recruitment interview and vetting process will likely remain integral to recruitment processes, the execution of this process is ever-changing. Businesses need to adapt their processes to be technologically up-to-date, making the processes more accessible to applicants, efficient, and affordable in the long run.

Recruitment is no longer a ‘CV hardcopy’ world. Business Standard reported on the Monster Employment Index: online hiring is increasing and hiring in the home appliances sector has increased 69% in the last year, according to Sanjay Modi of Monster.com.


But even within the online sphere, there are significant differences in the level of successful utilisation of technology. As reported by Society for Human Resource Management, recruiting and job searches have evolved past the PC. Both top-rated job sites Indeed and CareerBuilder are usable on a mobile device, i.e. a phone or tablet, making the job search process more convenient and discrete for applicants.

In a 2012 CareerBuilder survey of roughly 2,500 employers, The Business Journals reported that of the companies who are mobile-optimised, nearly one in ten said that at least half of applications come from mobile accounts.

But CareerBuilder data shows that many job seekers will ditch the mobile application process if it is non-mobile friendly. Thus, an application system cannot be designed for a PC and then be boxed into a mobile device version without appropriate adaptation. User-friendly technologies and software are critical for optimising recruitment success.

How Technology Can Be Used

Traditional first-round interviews are likely not going anywhere, but the way many companies conduct them must be updated with the most pertinent technologies, and that means more than just developing an online application portal.

The status quo of application processes today is far beyond resume applications, even past online CV submissions, as reported by Forbes, with an emphasis on Internet and social media presence.

But many companies may still want more personal interactions before cutting applicant pools based on mere credentials or before investing in an actual in-person interview. Thus, in today’s globalised recruitment industry, innovative technology becomes the ultimate tool.

Why Video Technology Shines

To harbor the best recruitment methods, recruitment agencies need to be thinking on the same wavelengths as applicants.

Technologies like first-round video interviews that can taken at the applicant’s convenience, safely saved and stored, and then reviewed at the employer’s convenience are a model example of how technology should be used by recruitment firms.

The interface technologies of LaunchPad Recruits epitomise the contemporary, safe, and affordable technologies that recruitment firms should use to maximise clients’ hiring success.

By adopting the video technologies that are mobile-device friendly, simple, yet outstandingly convenient for both applicants and employers, your recruitment firm or company can optimise recruitment and, in turn, maximise clients’ growth potential and profit margins.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.