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Recruitment technology

Technology can make recruitment more human

Guest post

At tmt connect we love to see technology being put to good use. Frankly anything that mitigates the nightmare of applying for jobs or finding the right person for a particular role has to be a welcome development. That’s why we see online video interviews in such a positive light. The idea of video interviews as part of the recruitment process is not exactly new, but technology has only recently become available to support their regular use.

The way most people screen job applicants hasn’t changed for decades. Employers spend hours sifting through written applications, which normally provide little idea of what the person behind the profile is really like. Many CVs are not even the candidate’s own work, having been tarted up by other people.

Short video interviews take employers beyond the formal CV and start to reveal the person behind the paper facade. Recruiters can see prospective candidates as people and get a better insight to how well they are likely to fit into the role and organisation. Video Interviewing can cut the time spent short-listing candidates and significantly improve the quality of hire.

Companies like LaunchPad Recruits provide tools that add a more human face to the recruitment process.The company provides an online video-interview platform that helps employers to short list candidates more quickly and accurately. The process is convenient, fast and effective.

The company claims to save hours of time that would otherwise be wasted on interviewing the wrong candidates. They have been particularly well received by businesses with the need to recruit large numbers of staff for sales or service roles. Organisations with significant graduate and international intakes also see immediate benefits.

Video interviews also make some automated parts of the recruitment process feel more personal. Giving candidates the opportunity to reveal something of their true personality adds a human touch that improves a company’s brand as an employer, especially when the user experience is slick and simple.

One of the things we particularly like about Launchpad Recruits is their personal approach to what they do. They see themselves as a service provider rather than a software vendor. So they are willing to implement their technology in ways that complement the user’s brand and support the way the business already operates. It’s a nice touch.

Source: tmtconnect