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Recruitment technology

Strengthening Your Employer Value Proposition with LaunchPad Recruits

Kirstie Kelly

There are many different elements, which combine to create your company’s overall Employer Value Proposition. Your Vision, Mission, HR Strategy all go some way towards defining and hopefully cementing a great cultural experience for employees, but the relationship often starts long before their appointment. And high calibre talent will often make their career decisions with the EVP in mind.

LaunchPad Recruits can help you to demonstrate your business ethos and EVP right from the start and differentiate you as an employer of choice.

As discussed in a previous post, bringing video interviewing into your recruitment process makes a strong statement about who you are as a company. Candidates see a modern business that is willing to embrace new technology: a business willing to communicate in a 21st century language. Using LaunchPad Recruits demonstrates an Employer Value Proposition that offers the challenge of engaging with and leveraging online trends.

Including video interviewing in your selection process also tells candidates that you view them as individuals. LaunchPad Recruits allows a candidate to express their motivation, convey their personality and explain their suitability for your role in their own style. When you incorporate that opportunity into your recruitment drive, you are declaring that your organization cares who a person is, not just what they can do.

Finally, as LaunchPad Recruits is designed to streamline the early stages of recruitment, candidates will learn that your company wants to give as many people as possible the chance to shine. As an affirmation of your Employer Value Proposition, video interviewing reflects your culture of fairness and recognition.

LaunchPad Recruits gives a lot of things that together help you build a stronger and more effective Employer Value Proposition. Come and meet us on Thursday at Reconverse's event: 'Employer Value Proposition: Differentiate or Die'.

Kirstie Kelly

Kirstie is our resident expert in the field of recruitment and technology, having 23 years total experience in commercial business across a range of business sectors. As a result, she has been instrumental in ensuring the innovative technology provided at LaunchPad is relevant for our customers. Kirstie's passion is all about finding creative solutions to recruitment challenges. And no better way than with technology!