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Why Your Company Needs to Specialise IT Recruitment

Clare Hopping

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With the number of tech job applications on the rise, recruiters are recognising the need to provide specialist teams to focus on positions within the industry.

C&M Travel Recruitment recently announced the addition of a new information and technology sector to their company, according to Travolution.

The new department is being headed up by David Lasso, a recruiting professional with a background in IT. As the technology we use grows more popular and at the same time more complex, C&M has created this new branch to fill what they’ve identified as a significant “gap” in the recruitment process.

The tech division will assist clients in tech-oriented fields only, helping companies find the right fit and the right skillset for each of their open positions.

Lasso tells the Travel Trade Gazette that he is “looking forward to [both] using [his] background in IT to help people find a new role and building strong strong relationships with candidates.”

Connecting with Candidates

The tech expertise Lasso and his team bring to C&M should allow the agency to connect with IT candidates on a more intimate and consistent level. A background in the industry puts personal qualities like enthusiasm and drive into context, giving recruiters a better idea of exactly what kind of position and company would best suit each job seeker.

C&M is not the only firm that’s specialising. Many recruitment agencies focus on a particular industry or field, and while it’s less common to specialise in a specific capability rather than industry sector, tech-specific recruitment is becoming more and more useful in the global economy.

The Australian company Greythorn, for example, conducts only IT recruitment, with further specialisations in subfields of the industry.

With new tech companies starting up every day, the industry itself is diversifying, giving these specialised agencies a strong competitive edge.

Hiring the Right Person

In a tight economy, hiring a talented person with the wrong talents can be costly. Certain skills can be learned quickly on the job, but most companies don’t want to invest in an employee who will need to learn an entire coding language from scratch.

In addition, foreign language skills are becoming increasingly valuable in tech, as the industry is rapidly developing across the Asian continent, among other regions of the world. According to Gartner Vice President of Research Ed Anderson, he expects “consistent and stable growth” for the Asian tech sector through 2018, despite global economic challenges.

In light of such, fluency in a second language and an understanding of globalization have never been more essential traits in IT candidates.

Best Recruitment Experience

Forrester reminds us that 70-90% of a buyer’s journey is complete before he or she engages with a vendor. By the same token, the vast amount of information available online makes it easy for job candidates to develop a good idea of what they want from a company even before they sit down for an interview.

By the time the job offer comes, applicants will have more than enough information about your business to decide whether or not to accept it.

Strong employer branding isn’t just about marketing to job seekers -- it should remain a primary concern throughout the recruitment process, as top candidates these days are vetting companies just as much as companies are vetting them.

A recruiter with a specialised background can not only better gauge candidate experience, but also strengthen a company’s employer brand by presenting an image of knowledgeability and experience to candidates and subsequently adding compatible, satisfied employees to their staff.

Specialisation within a recruitment field may sound like a huge investment, but it’s well worth the trouble, especially in the IT sector. Recruitment specialisation streamlines the hiring process by ensuring that every hire is backed by an expert’s well-informed judgement. If you’re looking to improve upon your company’s recruitment efforts, this is the place to start.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.