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Smart Recruit Online Choose LaunchPad Recruits for their Video Interviewing Service

Natasha Bernal

Smart Recruit Online Choose LaunchPad Recruits for their Video Interviewing Service


LONDON, UK, 22nd November 2013 — Smart Recruit Online have today announced the successful integration of LaunchPad Recruits' technology into their award winning online recruitment service.

The CEO and founder of Smart Recruit Online, Mark Stephens, said: “We are pleased to announce the formal integration of Launchpad video interviewing within Smart Recruit Online. It perfectly complements our existing range of candidate screening tools and offers our users an outstanding facility that is quick and simple to use, but can also dramatically affect the clients ability to accurately shortlist the best applicants”.

Video interviewing is one of the fastest growing features of modern day recruitment. Its popularity seems to be growing at a pace that mirrors the steady improvements to video related technologies for domestic users, such as the webcam. It also compliments the ever increasing popularity of online recruitment solutions, such as the fully automated system offered by Smart Recruit Online.

Businesses need to find, attract and screen candidates quickly to ensure they do not lose out on top talent to their competitors and the video interview tool allows the user to send a short selection of interview questions to multiple applicants and then watch the results as they come in from either a PC or mobile device.

The video interview can easily be shared with any other stakeholders in the decision making process too and ensures that time and money is not wasted on early stage face to face interviews, where the applicant is so obviously unsuitable. It also helps stronger applicants to stand out, so that the best talent is identified early and acted upon.

Will Hamilton, MD at Launchpad, confirmed the partnership with Smart Recruit Online and said: “We are pleased that Smart Recruit Online have chosen LaunchPad to deliver their video interviewing requirements. Their impressive online recruiting service is the perfect environment for recruiting companies to use our video interviewing and screening solution. Although we will provide the technology, their users will not have to leave the Smart Recruit Online dashboard in order to generate or watch the results. Recruitment Managers will be able to review the responses at a time that best suits their needs and will have the ability to replay, review and compare the candidates answers as well as share the video with other hiring managers who have access to the Smart Recruit system.”

To find out more about Smart Recruit Online and Launchpad Recruits please visit www.smartrecruitonline.com or www.launchpadrecruits.com.

LaunchPad Recruits

LaunchPad Recruits is an online video interviewing platform that helps employers make better and faster shortlisting decisions during their candidate screening process.

Using video interviews, LaunchPad Recruits moves employers beyond CV screening and reveals the person behind the paper, helping recruiters assess candidates’ true fit to their organisation and role. LaunchPad Recruits eliminates hours wasted interviewing the wrong candidates and delivers a streamlined shortlist.

With clients such as Easyjet, Selfridges and Virgin Media, LaunchPad Recruits work closely with brands that recognise that mobile technology must be at the heart of their recruitment strategy.

For further information about LaunchPad Recruits, contact:

Natasha Bernal


UK 020 7183 0418
International +44 (0)20 7183 0418
US & Canada 1 888 203 4624

About Smart Recruit Online

This is a free to register, cloud based recruitment platform, for end clients to manage all their recruitment activity. It is connected the largest network of job boards and social media channels in the UK and is integrated with bespoke software and 3rd party tools that enable the user to rapidly deploy and manage all recruitment activity from a single screen. The company has maintained a successful fulfilment rate in excess of 80% and an average cost per hire of under £300 throughout 2013.

Natasha Bernal

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