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Recruitment technology

'Reimagine HR' Event to Provide a Glimpse into the Future of Management


cloud-1.jpgLaunchPad’s Kirstie Kelly will join industry leaders from the likes of CEB, CIPD and Microsoft to discuss the shifting HR landscape.

In the world of HR, change is the only constant, so how can businesses adapt their recruiting efforts to keep up with today’s ever-evolving economy?

At the Reimagine HR event in London, October 26-27, LaunchPad will join industry leaders from CEB, CIPD, Microsoft and Royal Philips to explore this very question, as well as provide unique insights into how progressive organisations have adopted new and innovative strategies to usher in the future of management.

image01.d778ca5964e442e898ef40faa9759471.pngOf particular note, LaunchPad’s Kirstie Kelly will be giving a joint presentation with Lucy Saunders, University Recruitment Lead at Microsoft, about the state of data analytics in HR. Specifically, they will explain how data analytics and machine learning technologies can be implemented into critical business processes in order to make better people decisions, from recruitment to internal mobility.

Kelly will lead an in-depth discussion on how LaunchPad’s VERIFY™ platform leverages comparative analysis and advanced algorithmic modelling to help HR professionals identify right-fit candidates more accurately, quickly and objectively than ever before. She’ll also point to the direct connection between data-led HR strategies and measurable increases in employee retention, engagement, innovation, productivity and ultimately, the bottom line.

Other highlights will include keynote addresses from Peter Cheese and Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE, Herminia Ibarra and Dennis Doolan, as well as presentations from CEB, FirstRand Limited, JTL Group, and others.

If you’re interested in attending, check out the registration page here. We’ll see you there!