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As the Job Market becomes more competitive, Reducing Time-to-Hire Is More Important Than Ever

Clare Hopping


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Recent statistics show that the job market is getting more heated by the day, underscoring the need for a more time-efficient recruitment process. Luckily, LaunchPad has the video interviewing software that can solve this issue.

ERE recently released a striking statistic: the national time-to-fill average for positions in the US rose to 26.8 working days in February — the highest level recorded in the country in 15 years, according to the Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure.

Michael Durney, president and CEO of Dice Holdings, attributes this to a tightening labour market and declining unemployment rates. So as the competition for top talent gets fiercer both abroad and here in the UK, companies should look to LaunchPad’s video recruitment software to significantly reduce their time-to-hire.

LaunchPad: the Basics


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The benefits of video interviewing over conventional telephone interviews are painfully obvious. As Kyle Lagunas, a talent acquisition analyst for the Brandon Hall Group, explains on TechTarget, “The amount of time recruiters spend scheduling and executing screening calls is exorbitant — it is one of the biggest time spends in their day.”

The last thing you should be wasting your time on is conducting 30-minute long telephone interviews with every applicant you encounter — and if there are hundreds of them, the task becomes downright impossible.

LaunchPad Recruits’ video interviewing software allows companies to establish a quick and efficient hiring process while keeping it exceptionally thorough and effective. In one notable example, according to HR Magazine, the Post Office interviewed and fully evaluated a whopping 550 candidates in just two weeks’ time.

How was this even possible? Since hiring managers can ask questions via recorded video, companies don't have to waste time repeating the same questions to each applicant — simply record your questions once and immediately send them out to hundreds of candidates.

Virgin Media Case study on using video-led interviewing technologyThe flexibility LaunchPad’s software affords also lets you invite candidates to participate at any stage in the recruitment process. Once they’ve recorded their answers, employers can then view their videoed responses at their own convenience.

Simon Hill, solution design architect at TMP Worldwide, explains that “this means we can assess interviews at any time, anywhere,” overcoming potential scheduling difficulties for both the employer and employee.

Finally, the software allows companies to share links both internally and externally, meaning that you can easily collaborate with your recruitment team or hiring manager by sharing comments and ratings with a single click. Dave Sinclair, corporate recruiting manager for Henkels and McCoy, tells CIO that he takes advantage of this particular tool, eliminating the need to set up phone calls and type up notes.

International Applicants? Not a Problem


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Surprised by an application from a promising candidate overseas? With interviews available in Spanish, French, Polish, Welsh, and many more languages, you don’t have to limit your hiring to the local level. Moreover, not only do recorded interviews remove troublesome time zone differences, but language barriers are also virtually eliminated.

A great example of this success is The Restaurant Group’s (TRG) integration of LaunchPad’s software, which enabled the company to remove any and all obstacles in its efforts to reach out beyond UK borders. Not only was TRG’s time burden reduced by a whopping 30%, but a suitable candidate was sourced all the way from Dubai without any additional cost or hassle.

Sinclair is also a huge fan, citing the advantages of recruiting internationally with recorded interviews. "We recruit people from around the world and others who are road warriors,” he explains. “Coordination of interviews can take months, but with a tool like this, we can kick off the interview process 24/7, regardless of geography."

LaunchPad Recruits Provides the Solution

Iona Ferguson, an ex-luxury retailer recruiter who has dealt with a number of massive recruitment campaigns, was delighted when she managed to save herself over 150 telephone interviews by utilising LaunchPad’s software. And Jenny Domaille, Group Resourcer at KCOM Group PLC, also lauded LaunchPad’s efforts to eliminate the wasted ten days previously needed just to schedule one 15-minute interview.

With more and more companies utilising LaunchPad Recruits’ video interviewing software, the positive testimonials will only grow in number. And our software will seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, so what are you waiting for? There’s no time to lose!

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.