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Recruitment Directors' Summit May 2015 - Key Takeways

Chris Moss

uk recruiter-2-05An interesting afternoon spent with recruitment agency leaders at the UK Recruiter event yesterday, hosted by the lovely Louise Triance.

Wasn't the Berringer Tame case study brilliant! Excuse the pun but thinking outside of the box, by applying a logic to social media that made it appear ridiculously sensible. Taking a marketing approach towards searching for the right candidate, and moving way beyond 'just a CV', was an inspiring idea. Of course, I'd agree that the use of video certainly does bring candidate attributes to life!

Hot topic appeared to be - how to target sales people. I've worked in this world for a number of years, and that's always been hot topic. I think Steve Carter really summed it up for me - it depends on the circumstances of the business, aspirations for growth; even on whether you've got the right people in post and the outcomes you're asking them to achieve.

And finally, to social, or not social.

The elusive question about how much budget to spend on this activity and can it really be driven back to a financial number related to placed candidates. The takeaway I had from this session really was that your methods need to match your audience. But don't forget, it's fundamentally all about the dark art of conversation...

We had some interesting conversations about the impact of technology for recruiters in the future - I'd love to talk to you about that and also about our new video-led solution for recruitment agencies. I'll be in touch for a chat!

Chris Moss, Account Director at LaunchPad


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Chris Moss

Account Director at LaunchPad. Chris has got many years of experience within recruitment technology sector and his main driver is to help recruiters achieve their objectives by implementing the right technology.