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#RecFest2 - Why So Serious?...

Kristina Donauskyte

My team and I recently attended RecFest, the second annual iteration of a one-day conference and “celebration of all things in-house recruitment and resourcing.” And although the day had its fair share of fun, there was also plenty of time to discuss some of the major issues HR professionals encounter on a daily basis.  Perhaps ReConverse is paving the way for a new conference format? I can’t help myself but think of Joker…


Precision Hiring

Several professionals in attendance talked about how the upsurge in popularity of hiring Millennials has completely marginalised the process of attracting older generations. In reality, the older generation forms a large portion of job seekers who are in high demand by certain sectors.
However, there is very little advice on how to attract them - the demographic who might specialise into niche areas and doesn’t use social media 24/7. I felt it was a good reminder to the recruitment industry thought leaders and writers who tend to focus mostly on the attraction of ‘generation Y’.

Precision Applications

Another key takeaway was that recruiters seem especially concerned with the fact that candidates appear set on applying for anything and everything these days, regardless of their qualifications and interests. Many RecFest attendees noted that they’ll often catch a candidate applying for two very different positions at the same company, an extraordinarily counterproductive step for both the employer and the applicant.

In response to this problem, HR and recruitment should make the effort to educate applicants on the basics of the hiring process. It’s in the candidate’s interest to develop a clear idea of precisely what position they are a good fit for and target it, rather than haphazardly applying to every open post in sight.

Quality of Hire

95% ofRecFest attendees agreed that they struggle to effectively gauge the quality of hire and the metrics range from company to company. What’s more, it was noted that it’s sometimes easy to mistakenly attribute the ‘quality of hire’ to a recruiter’sKPI, which should not be the case because once a candidate is hired, recruiters have little to no impact on his or her development, performance or team relationships - all of which influence how long someone will stay in the business (several attendees use this metric as a way to determine ‘quality of hire’). While many HR departments have developed innovative techniques and strategies to pick out exceptional applicants, they often have no system in place to monitor those applicants’ progress once they have become a part of the firm.
One seemingly traditional yet undeniably effective solution brought up at the conference was the implementation of annual or bi-annual performance reviews, which can help monitor how new hires are adjusting to their responsibilities and work environment or, in other words, how effective they are in their roles.

Recruitment vs. Resourcing

A few of RecFest’s all-starspeakersdiscussedthe more subtle differences between what might appear to be the same thing: recruitment and resourcing. While those in charge of recruitment step in when there’s a position to be filled, resourcing focuses on the infrastructure a company builds around hiringandtakesastrategiclongtermviewtoensure there’s never a talent shortage. The latter entails establishing talent pools and creating effective pipelines so that the hiring process is made as efficient as possible, and perhaps my biggest takeaway from this year’s RecFest is that in-house recruiters should look now more than ever to emphasise it. If handled correctly, resourcing can lead to smarter and more efficient hires.

Overall, the organisers at ReConverse did a great job in terms of hitting the happy medium between the ‘serious discussions’ and ‘fun activities’.

And if you missed it - here's our singalong video!

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Kristina Donauskyte

Digital Strategist at LaunchPad. We believe in seeing more of a person, of a company of an impact by building influential video screening, assessment and engagement technology that fits within the employment lifecycle