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How Your State of Mind Can Affect the Quality of Hires

Clare Hopping

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A bad mood produces bad work, and for higher-ups, a bad mood can affect the entire company. Learn how LaunchPad Recruits helps you put the right foot forward.

For those of us with a high level of emotional accuity, it comes as no surprise that our mood can shape our actions. Psychology Today explains how it’s scientifically proven that our mindset affects our cognitive functions, i.e. thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.

From here, it’s no great leap to presume that if you skip breakfast, hit every red traffic light on your commute, and then spill your coffee while trying to avoid a smash, you’re not going to have the best day at work. However, and perhaps more importantly, the reverse is also true and potentially more potent, according to Wharton.

Positive Equals Productive

Two years ago, Alexander Caillet of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, Jeremy Hirshberg, the regional director of leadership solutions at the Center for Creative Leadership, and Stefano Petti, the managing director of the leadership consultancy Asterys, started a longitudinal study to find out how mood impacts work.

Specifically, they wanted to understand how state of mind, which they define as “moment-to-moment experience of life as generated by thinking and as expressed by feelings,” impacted leadership, as covered by HBR.

For the study, Caillet, Hirshberg, and Petti chose eighteen states of mind and asked the participants about the frequency with which they experience each emotion, how each one influenced their productivity and performance, and their tactics for managing their various states of mind. As of December, they have surveyed and interviewed more than 740 leaders of business.

The big reveal? Happy workers work better. Out of all respondents, 94% claimed that Calm, Happy, and Energised (CHE) are three states of mind that bear the ripest fruits of labour – that is, the highest levels of effectiveness and performance.

As Country Manager at Experian Giglio Del Borgo put it, “If you are energised without being necessarily too excited about things or euphoric, that energy will transmit into people working around you.”

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Frustrated, Anxious, Tired, and Stressed (FATS) were also states of mind frequently mentioned by those sampled. Though these moods sometimes offer short-term benefits in the form of urgency and working hours logged, they prove to be injurious in the long term, particularly to interoffice relationships.

Respondents also often noted the difficulty of pivoting from FATS to CHE states. As Chief Operating Officer of Oxfam America Jim Daniell explained, “When you’re stressed and frustrated it is much harder to see the state of mind you are in, and unless you have clear strategies to be aware of it when you are in it and then shift it, you more than likely will cause serious harm to yourself and your organisation.”

Let the Good Times Roll

Sean MacEntee/flickr Sean MacEntee/flickr

As a leader, your bad mood can have serious negative consequences for your company. So how can you curtail your state of mind’s ripple effect before those red lights push your company into the red?

The answer lies with new hires, with the interview being the most important stage of the process. A poor state of mind clouds your ability to make complex decisions and grapple with difficult logistics. So if you’re conducting interviews in a foul mood, what do you think the chances are of making a smart hire? Not very good. As a result, a bad mood has the power to tear apart your company – one bad hire at a time.

Luckily, LaunchPad Recruits offers an interviewing platform that bypasses even the worst mood. LaunchPad overhauls the interview process with effective strategies that cut costs and empower the hiring company to implement a more efficient process.

With their easy-to-use software, LaunchPad Recruits substitutes a phone screening or first-round interview with a recorded video interview. Using this technology, you can always screen candidates when you’re in a good mood, since you choose when to watch the video.

And with the money and time saved using LaunchPad’s platform, there’s more reason to be happy. The software provides a foolproof method to improve the quality of your hires and, in turn, of your company. Only green lights ahead.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.