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3 Ways Marketing and HR Collaboration Improves Hiring Outcomes

Ania D'Agostino

stefan-stefancik-257625.jpgBuilding a successful employer brand means conveying the right message across all of your external communications channels — and that includes marketing.

According to the BBC, 69% of employers were worried about finding highly-skilled staff in 2016, representing a 14% increase over the previous year. With talent in such high demand, the top candidates are now squarely in the driver’s seat. As a result, companies are scrambling to find ways to make themselves stand apart from the crowd.

If you’re looking to beat your competitors in the ongoing “war for talent,” ensuring that your company’s external marketing strategy is aligned with your recruitment goals is a smart, first step. By showcasing your company’s culture and ethos in an engaging and dynamic way, you’re more likely to find and retain right-fit hires for your organisation.

How To Build a Recruitment-Minded Marketing Campaign

1. Find your purpose

Author Dan Pink noted in his TED Talk that money isn’t always the best motivator. If you want to retain current and future staff, make sure you’re giving them a strong sense of purpose; inspire them by making them feel they’re working towards something larger than themselves. Publishing a wide variety of digital content that clearly lays out your company’s values — and how your employees help you achieve them — you’ll find yourself with a happier and more productive workforce.

Take outdoor/adventure brands like Patagonia and the North Face as an example. These companies have taken up causes like conservation, sustainability and ethical business practices — they also ensure that message is at the very core of every piece of marketing collateral they publish. As a result, they’ve become synonymous with those values, which goes a long way with like-minded candidates when they’re considering who they’d like to work for.

2. Attract candidates with the same message you use to attract customers

Most large businesses try to connect with potential customers by projecting a specific image, aesthetic or ideal. For example, tech firms like Intel sell themselves as companies full of innovators and engineering geniuses that are leading the charge to a more tech-savvy tomorrow; conversely, fashion brands like Topshop aim to position themselves as trendsetting and disruptive visionaries, rewriting the rulebook on style and creativity. In both examples, the business value proposition doubles as an employer value proposition. Top candidates want to work for the company they view as the leading force within a given industry.

3. Showcase your office, employees and culture with video content

Of course, the benefits gained through collaboration between recruiters and marketers go both ways — for many companies, using content marketing tactics to showcase workplace culture, organisational values and happy employees can actually be beneficial on the sales side as well. Dropbox, for instance, is famous for making a hilarious recruitment video of hand puppets acting as employees. It may have been a bit odd, but it also effectively embodied the culture of the company: creative, funny and entrepreneurial, helping to both attract candidates and sales.

A Unified Message Yields Better Results

Ultimately, your success as an employer — and as a company, for that matter — boils down to your ability to convey a powerful and cohesive message that resonates with your target audience. With so many channels available to your audience, you need to ensure that your message is consistent and clearly communicated across every possible channel, whether it’s an online ad, a recruitment video, a Podcast advert or a job board posting. While taking extra steps to align your marketing and recruitment strategies might seem like a pain, the potential returns make it well worth the extra effort.

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Ania D'Agostino

Ania D'Agostino is a Marketing Manager at LaunchPad Recruits