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LaunchPad Recruits: Sales Director Tom Williams on the Future of Recruitment

Natasha Bernal

LaunchPad Recruits is proud to introduce Tom Williams as the company’s new UK Sales Director. Williams shares his insights into evolution in recruitment as well as what the future holds for recruiters.


Tom Williams Sales Director Tom Williams

LONDON, UK, 25th May 2014LaunchPad Recruits is proud to introduce Tom Williams as the new Director of the company’s UK sales branch. Williams brings over 13 years of experience and specialised expertise in recruitment technology to spearhead LaunchPad’s fast-growing UK sales team.

Williams also has important insights into the way recruiters think - he had the benefit from insight gained whilst working during the unprecedented technological revolution in recruitment.

In the space of just a decade, companies have transformed themselves from offering a paper-based recruitment system to contemplating an exclusively digital future.

“When I started in this industry, it was completely different. There was no such thing as online applications, people didn’t even have computers,” he said.

He explained that it wasn’t rare for people to just send out their CVs in the post and complete telephone interviews as the only screening stage before going on to a face-to-face interview. He still sees businesses hiring in this way, but times are changing.

“Now, you have things like video interviewing on offer as well as the opportunity to offer a great candidate interaction experience,” he said.

To Williams, the pace of the software revolution in recruitment has meant that recruiters are more open than ever about changing the way they work and trying new tools that might help them achieve better results.

He said: “I think that recruiters are very receptive to adopting technology and evolving their processes and candidate interactions. I am very excited to be able to talk to recruiters about how they can find hidden talent through video interviewing.”

According to Williams, technology will increasingly become an extension of our world rather than an addition to our lives. He believes that, as businesses continue to see tech as being essential, so it will be the core of their processes rather than an after-thought.

Candidates are increasingly becoming comfortable with giving and receiving information through video, they like how engaging it can be and love being able to complete an application straight away through any device.
Williams said “There are few tools out there that are as flexible whilst offering such successful results.”

LaunchPad Recruits

LaunchPad Recruits is a video screening tool that helps employers make better and faster shortlisting decisions during their hiring process.

Using video interviews, LaunchPad Recruits moves employers beyond CV screening and reveals the person behind the paper, helping recruiters assess candidates’ true fit to their organisation and role. LaunchPad Recruits eliminates hours wasted interviewing the wrong candidates and delivers a streamlined shortlist.

With clients such as Easyjet, Microsoft and Virgin Media, LaunchPad Recruits work closely with brands that recognise that mobile technology must be at the heart of their recruitment strategy.

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