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LaunchPad Recruits Live Video Now Features Recording

Nam Nguyen

Live Video Now Features Recording


The UK’s premier video recruitment software has redesigned its live interviewing platform to make it more user-friendly for both recruiters and candidates.

LaunchPad Recruits has announced an update to its live video interviewing tool, adding recording capabilities to make for an even more seamless recruitment experience.

The live recording update is the first in a series of planned redesigns that will make the video interviewing platform more intuitive, convenient and enjoyable for both candidates and recruiters, thereby improving the overall hiring process and making it easier to find right-fit talent than ever before.

Early next year, recruiters will also be able to share the interview with others in the organisation, rate and score each candidate based upon their performance and even attach comments to the video’s timeline so everyone involved in the hiring process can easily view one another’s opinions, and voice their own as well.

Moreover, LaunchPad Recruits is one of the only video interviewing solutions on the market with the ability to record interviews. This new and valuable feature will make the screening process even more effective than before, thanks to its unique approach and flawless functionality.

The company’s Live product splits the video interview experience into three stages: an introduction, the interview and finally, review. The first stage allows organisations to promote their company culture and employer brand before interviewing the candidates, the second allows them to ask the right questions and achieve real insights into each potential hire and the last simplifies the review process by fostering seamless collaboration among decision makers thanks to video sharing.

"We’re very excited to be able to expand our platform’s functionality in a way that improves our customers’ ability find the best talent,” explains Matt Denton, LaunchPad Recruits’ Product Manager. “By recording interviews on LaunchPad Live, we're allowing recruiters to collaborate more effectively at the final stages of the recruitment process, ensuring they will continue to make great hiring decisions in the future.”

The Live Interview Recording feature is available now! Current LaunchPad customers can contact their account manager to find out how they can start using the feature, while new customers can request a demo or a call back today.

Nam Nguyen

Nam is Launchpad's Customer Success Manager. With 9 years experience in customer facing roles, Nam is the secret to our happy and satisfied customers.