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Candidate marketing

What I learnt at #RecTech2015

Mat Wollerman

The future of HR tech

RecTechSpeedDrawingOn Tuesday, some of the most innovative minds from the world of recruitment technology gathered at RecTech2015, for a day of conversation about the future of talent acquisition - thanks to our friends at AIA. 
The event featured presentations from six thought leaders in the recruitment tech space, and their topics of discussion were wide ranging and highly insightful.  Here’s my take aways from the day.

Jonathan Macdonald - celebrity TED talker @jmacdonald kicked off the morning with a powerful keynote on how change is a constant state and how it affects us, our lives and organizations.


As Jonathan put it “right now is the slowest rate of change we will ever experience”. The exponential rate of change that is now part of our lives means we no longer run change projects, rather, we are in a constant state of change, adaptation and innovation.

Those that don’t adapt, don’t survive - 89% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 have gone from the list in 2015.  A frightening fact!

We heard that technologies like holographics, 3D printed supercars and virtual girlfriends are now the ‘new normal’.

Companies must understand the impact of these new technologies on their business and the behaviours they elicit in their customers and employees.

It’s the companies that actively make an effort to understand and embrace these changes and bake them into their purpose and mission while engaging with their employees that will survive and thrive.

Next up was the fabulous - Nathan Perrott, Head of Tech at AIA @Nathan_Perrott who mapped HR technology players onto his own version of the Gartner Hype curve and talked about some of the interesting tech companies emerging from the ‘trough of disillusionment’.


Among others, Nathan showcased Textio, contextual modeling software that allows HR professionals to receive real-time feedback on job postings in order to make them less biased and more inclusive. It's great to see how the adoption of marketing techniques is starting to push the boundaries in recruiting.

He also talked about how emerging technology like 360 video and virtual reality can help tell engaging stories about a business to support employer brand and the candidate experience.

Nathan’s key point was that companies must embrace innovative new technologies in order to achieve recruitment success in the future.

Gareth Neville @GarethNeville dug deeper into candidate attraction, providing a nuts and bolts look at how recruiters and hiring managers can use programmatic marketing to target right-fit, qualified candidates. It really demonstrated how the world of advertising has evolved into a sophisticated space where precise media planning can be at a recruiters finger tips.

veProgrammatic is one of the fastest growing areas in the talent acquisition space. It allows recruiters to create highly targeted campaigns with real time cost management across multiple channels.

It’s estimated that "83% of all display buys will be programmatic by 2017."



Then LaunchPad’s very own Kirstie Kelly @kirstielaunch explained how technology and video interviewing can help reduce the chance of bias entering the hiring process, enabling recruiters to hire the best possible talent and maximise diversity and equality in the workplace.

 It feels counterintuitive but strangely, the data shows us that when someone is aware that bias exists, it actually reinforces that bias rather than counteracts it. 


That's why technology and the insights it can bring are so crucial to ensuring a fair, unbiased and inclusive hiring process.

Frederik Neus @FrederikNeus took us through the Zentrick interactive video platform. He explained how in a world hyper-saturated with digital content, the average human attention span has fallen to about eight seconds vs a goldfish, which can stay focussed for nine. According to Neus, highly intuitive, interactive video technology will play a key role in a recruiter’s ability to effectively engage candidates going forward. 

Last but not least, Steve Ehrlich @99GR81 rounded out the morning with an energetic session on why the candidate experience is king. And how companies implementing innovative, highly-engaging technology led campaigns attract top talent.

One of the more startling points from Steve was how the pace of change is so rapid that education can’t keep up. We need to be teaching skills we don’t know, for jobs that don’t exist yet, but will in 3 to 5 years time

For me, #RecTech2015 was an insightful and informative look at not just the recruitment landscape but how people’s needs, values and expectations are changing, plus some cool tech and how it’s being used in HR.

As these new technologies become more powerful and commonplace, we are reminded that while the fear is that robots may soon take our jobs, human intervention, interaction and a human approach is what adds real value to our experiences.

The next few years promise to to be an exhilarating year for the recruitment technology space – I’m looking forward to being part of it with LaunchPad.

To close, I like how Jonathan articulated his advice for the future - “What I teach my kids is how to be considerate human beings….and advanced python code”


Mat Wollerman

Mat is Launchpad's Marketing Manager, driving the marketing strategy with a focus on digital and content.