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LaunchPad 361º: Recruitment Buzz From Around the Globe

Natasha Bernal

natasha_bernal2This week, we’re sharing some great articles about why our offices are more like high school than ever before, the science behind the work-life balance or how to go fish for candidates at job fairs.

I hope you have had an awesome (and productive) week! As Head of Words at LaunchPad Recruits, I am constantly searching for interesting information concerning the world of recruitment. This week, I have some pranks, advice and news to share with you!

Why Likeability Matters -- Personality matters. Now, nice people in the office get all the breaks and may have a better career because of how they project themselves through video conferencing, emails and correspondence that might not be face to face.


How to explain a gap on your CVJames Caan, serial entrepreneur and HR expert writes about how candidates can talk their way out of gaps on their CVs and still come out on top. It’s a really interesting read that proves that no one is out of the game just because they have taken some time out.

Google’s Approach to Work-Life Balance – The Harvard Business Review has released this article about a new study they have been working on with Google to discover the perfect work-life balance equation. Something that might seem like a fool’s quest for people with increasing work hours and who are constantly connected might have a scientific solution after all!


Give zero-hours workers fixed-hours contract after a year, says think tank – Another take on the controversial zero-hours contracts that have been the talk of the House of Commons since 2013. In this article, the argument is that zero hour contracts are a good option for companies that are willing to regulate themselves later on. It’s a really interesting topic for both jobseekers and employers, especially in sectors like retail and hospitality.

‘Go Fish!’ for Candidates at Spring Fairs – It’s that time of the year when many recruiters stand in a stall behind tables jam-packed with leaflets and information brochures to attract new talent. Looking for great talent and finding it in a jobs fair is far from impossible, if you know what you’re looking for.

I hope you found this post useful -- I’ll be back with much more next Friday in for LaunchPad 361!

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Natasha Bernal

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