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LaunchPad 361º: The Next Step in Recruitment Thinking

Natasha Bernal

Happy Wednesday! We wanted to share some of the best news that we've read in the past week. We hope you find this useful to keep up to date with the latest news about jobs, hiring and recruitment technology.

Government Budget -- This is the biggest news of the week and something that will affect all sectors throughout this year. For the jobs market, this means that a lot of analysts have jumped on the information provided to businesses and have recommended that future investments should also focus on impulsing talent.


All Companies Should Hire Like Google -- A really interesting article about how, despite the mistakes that the company made a few years ago in their hiring processes, many companies could take a page out of Google's book.


No One Wants to Be Recruited in China -- An interesting story about how recruitment is still about location, location, location. Bad smog in this case is the deterrent keeping foreign executive hires well away from China's biggest cities.


Bizarre Jobs that No Longer Exist -- Although many of them still sound pretty awesome (human alarm clock anyone?), this article is a big 'enjoy your moment' for many people who are in jobs that might be replaced by computer software.


5 Interview Tips that Wow Headhunters -- A good article by The Huffington Post on the ways to impress an interviewer. Although they are aren't surprising, they make a lot of sense!

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Natasha Bernal

Natasha is a journalist with an extensive technology and startup news background. She brings LaunchPad to life through words in our blog, press releases and updates. As the person that shapes our brand personality, she makes our goals and ideas reality in the online world.