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LaunchPad 361º: Keep Doing the Simple Things Better

Natasha Bernal

cameraFind out how to make your job interviewees appreciate you, how to find talent by putting yourself in their shoes and much more in this week’s LaunchPad 361º

Hello everyone,

The news that has caught my eye this week holds a common message: how important the simple things are. In recruitment, it’s always good to have a week where the best articles are about how the industry can do better -- although many of the tips may seem obvious, it's often the small details which are overlooked...

Be inspired through these articles this Thursday (or sit down and smugly skim through, knowing that you are already the best at what you do!).

How to Build an Inclusive Environment in your Workplace – Believe it or not, over 60% of workers feel like they don’t really fit in with their new colleagues or with the job that they have just started.

Fewer Students have Jobs on Graduation Day – It’s a tough world out there, and the world of graduate recruitment is starting to reflect it. This CNN article highlights the plight of many graduates, who find themselves without a place to kick-start their careers after they have finished their education.

Four Ways to Make Interviewing a Two-Way Street – There is a lot of information out there for interviewees; what to wear, how to act, what to remember… this article outlines how important it is for interviewers to also prepare – read the interviewee’s CVs and dress appropriately, please!

Recruiters Should Make Sure that Candidates Can Speak English – a government adviser is asking recruiters to make sure that candidates applying for jobs with the elderly are able to communicate in a good level of English, and to watch out for un-intelligible accents. Apparently, this rather obvious requirement seems to regularly be overlooked...

The Importance of Understanding the Little Things – In order for you to attract the best candidates, you must first put yourself in their shoes. This might sound rather preachy, but the philosophy behind it is solid: you need to navigate the waters in which your talent pool lies.

And a message from LaunchPad HQ -- We welcomed back a very tanned Kirstie Kelly, our Director, who managed to help raise a whopping £350,000 for the Women vs Cancer charity in her challenge to cycle across Cuba!

The newest member of our team, Sales Director Tom Williams, climbed straight into the deep end by representing us at last week's JobPost Event in Manchester.

"The feedback from clients and delegates I've met this week has been outstanding, in terms of their evolving use of video in recruitment - and in particular how our video technology has helped to significantly improve recruiter effectiveness, hiring processes and deliver a better quality of hire every time. It has been fantastic to hear this first hand!" he said.

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Natasha Bernal

Natasha is a journalist with an extensive technology and startup news background. She brings LaunchPad to life through words in our blog, press releases and updates. As the person that shapes our brand personality, she makes our goals and ideas reality in the online world.