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LaunchPad 361º: Easter News and Much More...

Natasha Bernal

5609782002_371a689b16_qThis week’s Easter-inspired news is filled with a good-feel interview for the most difficult job in the world, what key traits Tesco is looking for in candidates applying for leadership roles and what the Easter Bunny’s CV would look like.

I hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend (and possible Easter egg hunts on Sunday!) The last day of a short week might seem never-ending, which is why I am going to rescue you from looking at the clock by some welcome news distractions!

The toughest video interview in the world will make you cry – Get your tissues at the ready for this unexpected video where candidates get grilled with some of the most unreasonable-sounding job requirements. I love the candidate who says ‘no!’ the whole time.

The state of mobile recruitment in the Netherlands – Ever wondered how mobile recruitment is faring in the Netherlands? Wonder no further, as this article from ERE outlines the success of the new platform that helps candidates find their next jobs through their smartphones.

Experience in failure is the litmus test for Tesco candidates – It’s always interesting to find out what a big company like Tesco is looking for in an employee. In this article, you will get to have a peek at the key questions that they ask candidates applying for leadership roles.


Wall Street CEO: Every successful person I’ve seen shares these two traits – For successful people, there is no success, because they are constantly striving to achieve more, according to this video interview on Business Insider. Read the article, watch the video and decide whether you are part of the successful elite!

Here is what the Easter Bunny’s CV looks like – In case you ever wondered what would happen if this CV landed on your in-tray, search no more! The famous bunny’s skillset includes hopping, carrot crunching and some amazing team leadership experience!

21 utterly terrifying Easter bunnies -- Because it’s Easter, here are 21 bunny rabbits that should give you a laugh (or haunt your dreams). It has brought tears of mirth to my Thursday!

From all the LaunchPad team, I am pleased to be able to wish you all Happy Easter!

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