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Key Insights from Talent Leaders Connect - Retail and Hospitality 2015

Adam Williams

Talent Leaders Connect - Retail and Hospitality Talent Leaders Connect - Retail and Hospitality 2015

The LaunchPad team headed to the recent Talent Leaders Connect event hosted by the Job Post, with a room filled with Retail and Hospitality recruiters and HR professionals. Here’s our take of the themes and interesting ‘take-aways’ from the day. Enjoy!

Big Data

The use of data is top priority through all sectors and helping create new and better strategies. Recruitment is not an exception although often found to be wading through heaps of data which just doesn’t quite do the job of illustrating success. James Appleton, Head of Retail Recruitment at Mitchells and Butlers, talked about how they used data analytics to address their retention and attrition issues by improving processes and make better decisions within the recruitment function. In addition, James talked about his own approach to using data to help evidence the need for a change to the internal stakeholders. What really stood out in James’s presentation was his advice not to bend the truth. You have to be ready to face some potentially unpleasant facts presented by your data - only this way you’ll be able to recognise the problem and effect a real change. Interestingly, this point also came up in Employer Brand conference last November.

The Future of Retail Recruitment

Whilst ‘to automate or not to automate the recruitment process?’ is still a daunting question to many, Andrew Paterson, Recruitment Manager of Marks & Spencer, is certain that automation has been and will be the future of humanity or, as he put it, the love that makes our lives easier. Andrew discussed in detail how they increased their conversions through robust testing and application flow. Yet, he also noted how important it is not to lose personal touch. If you are thinking about automation, Andrew is a person to follow! Mobile recruitment strategy is also on the top of Marks and Spencer agenda - mobile is a vital way to reach out to the international candidates and Andrew argued it’s the future. Have you got your mobile strategy in place yet?..

Talent Management as a Competitive Advantage?

Peter Wright, Global HRD and Author, suggested that talent management is key because of the changing demographic of the world population as well as mass skills shortages which are predicted for the next 5- 10 years. Germany alone is predicted to need 8 million people to fill the skills gap in 2030 (see Boston Consulting Group Report 2014). What’s more, 15 of the leading industrial nations of the world are facing the real danger of a demographic ‘perfect storm’, which will be caused by:

- Baby Boomer retirement

- Generation X, Y and the millenials leaving corporate world or not joining in the first place

- Technological change

- Inability of companies to keep their workforce suitably educated

- Poor diversity and inclusion strategies

‘Bad leadership without vision is allowing businesses to fail as they don’t understand what changes are happening within their industry,’ argued Peter. Finding and retaining top talent will be essential for businesses to fight these storms.

This is why good talent management will become one of the competitive advantages. In this context, company brand, employee value proposition (EVP) and employee engagement surveys will become critical elements of every business. Establishing strong company values and using them as the base of every hire as well as focusing on the company culture will undoubtedly improve the quality and longevity of each employee. Use your current employees to ‘sell’ your band - 'show the company from the inside out'. This really resonated for me, beyond recruitment, really considering the global impact this will have for the future. Great insight! This blend of talks about the present and the future is what makes the Job Post events unique and always a treat.

Adam Williams

Retail and Hospitality Lead for LaunchPad, Video technology for employers.