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Introducing Screening!

Matt Denton

Introducing Screening!

Here at LaunchPad we're always working hard to make sure that our product can provide everything our users need. Recently, we've been working on our screening capability, and we've now added an optional module that can be included before a video interview. If you use this feature, candidates will initially be invited to apply for your role, and if they pass screening will automatically receive an invitation to video assessment.
Here's how it works...

1. There's a new step to interview setup:


When creating or editing a job, you will now see a 4th step in the process - Screening questions. If you don't want to automatically screen your candidates with LaunchPad and want them progress straight to the video assessent, just pass through this step and it won't be used.

2. Just add a question:

To get started, just add a new question. There are two parts to think about: how you want to ask the question and how you want your candidates to answer.
You can ask the question using text, text and video, or with text and images:

Next up is the answer type. There's 5 options to go with:

Yes or No, True or False, Agree or Disagree:

Multiple Choice:

And text answers:

3. Screen your candidates with points and auto-exit
Once you've set up your questions and answers, you can start deciding how they should be used to screen candidates. For everything except text answers, you can apply a score to each option. You can then set a score that candidates must reach to progress to the video interview, and edit the message that candidates who are screened out see.

Alternatively, you can use the 'Auto Reject' option which will exit any candidates who select it. If this happens, candidates will be taken through all the questions before being exited from the process.

If you don't want to screen anyone out, and just want to use this feature to collect data from your candidates, just don't use the scoring or 'auto exit' options, and the data candidates input will be displayed alongside their video interview.


Matt Denton

After graduating, Matt found that he was a natural as our Product Manager. With a keen, self-motivated attitude, Matt spends every day figuring out how to make our customers happier. He is integral to driving the direction of the platform and our team, and we wouldn't be who we are, without him.