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The Benefits of Adding Video Interviewing to Your Recruitment Process

Clare Hopping

The Benefits of Adding Video Interviewing to Your Recruitment Process

video_candidate_(1)With applications flooding into a highly competitive job market, it’s more crucial than ever to select the best talent from the pool. Luckily, the right technology can reveal top candidates hidden in that pile of CVs on your desk. With the demand for qualified applicants only continuing to rise, this technology represents an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Integrating video interview technology can enhance your candidate search and streamline the screening process, making top talent easier to spot. Through video interviewing, employers and candidates alike can interact on a more meaningful level, all while keeping costs down and freeing up valuable time for your HR department.

And the benefits of video interviewing don’t stop there. Integrating video interview technology into your applicant tracking system (ATS) can also help you reach these four key recruiting goals:

1. Reduce Discrimination

A study by Annemarie Hiemstra at the Kurt Lewis Institute in the Netherlands found that minority applicants preferred video interviews over paper resumes because they allowed for more personal, frank responses.

The questions addressed to each candidate are automated and identical. The technology itself cannot discriminate, and all videos speak equally to candidates’ personalities and abilities. How you interpret the video responses may be another question, but the video interview process itself is discrimination-free when used properly.

Geographical discrimination is the form of bias the video screening process is best at reducing. Candidates applying from out-of-town or abroad have the same video interviewing experience as local candidates, and no one has to leave the comfort of their home or office to apply.

2. Strengthen Your Brand

Forbes cites a study by Forrester, which reveals that “70-90% of the buyer’s journey is complete prior to engaging a vendor.” With so much information available online, the interviewer no longer holds as much power as he or she used to, as the interviewee may already know plenty about the company.

To maintain a strong company brand, a customised video interviewing platform that includes company branding videos is essential to helping the interviewee feel valued and welcome -- and increases the likelihood that they’ll attend an in-person interview if they make it to the next round of recruitment.

Customising your platform is a way of reinforcing the impression of your brand that the candidate likely already has, assuring them that the company they’re applying to is exactly as warm, friendly, and ripe for growth as they thought it was.

3. Screen More Effectively and Efficiently

Because all applicants answer the same questions, employers can easily compare interviews on a case-by-case basis. Seeing and hearing a candidate on video gives you a much better sense of their engagement and enthusiasm than just a paper resume or a phone interview.

Video screening also reduces the hassle of scheduling interviews, and you can still reserve in-person interviews for the top candidates. This saves time, energy, and travel expenses, allowing you to review candidates more quickly and effectively without inconveniencing your potential recruits or your staff.

4. Easy Collaboration with Your Team Members

Other team members can easily view and comment on video recordings, letting them find a time when they can give their full attention to providing input on the process or specific applicants.

By centralising candidate profiles, including CVs, photos, and personal summaries, video interviewing technology can make the process quicker and simpler, and avoid potentially costly misjudgements.

And as the recruiting process becomes busier and the job market continues to grow, you’ll realise just how valuable those savings in time, resources, and the budget really are for your business.

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Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.