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Recruitment technology

How to Convince Your Team to Adopt Innovative HR Tech

Clare Hopping

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Your staff risks falling behind with their HR efforts if they don’t strive to adopt the most efficient, innovative tech on the market.

With more and more companies across all industries putting pressure on their employees to adopt innovative technology, HR departments have proven no exception.

When your job is to look through hundreds or even thousands of job applications each day, technology can only help you – after all, finding a needle in the haystack is a lot easier with a metal detector. Here are five reasons why your HR team needs to adopt innovative tech.

Increased Productivity

One single piece of computer software has the capacity to calculate all the balances that you need, including holidays, budgets, and payroll inquiries, saving hours of mind-numbing tasks that keep your team from doing more valuable work.

All this time saved on the more humdrum tasks of the role leaves your HR department with plenty of time to focus on successful strategies for hiring, training, and retaining employees.

Efficient Training

Jared Lewis writes in the Houston Chronicle that, thanks to advances in information technology, the process of training new staff members is becoming increasingly efficient. Training doesn’t have to be confined to a single office – in many industries, it’s entirely possible to inform and test your new employee’s skill set from wherever they can find a computer.

Once more, we see how computers can calculate and display your new staff’s progress with large quantities of test score data. Of course, some form of personal interaction with your new recruits is essential, but online tests and lessons can get much of the preliminary training out of the way.

Through videos, interactive quizzes, and virtual classrooms, your team can focus on honing the finer points of the business rather than constantly repeating the basics.

Data Storage Systems

The HR industry can require tonnes of paperwork, much of which must be kept on file for long periods of time. With folders, cabinets, and desks filled to the brim with paperwork, it’s easy to see why a computer that can fit all of your company’s data into a chip the size of a thumbnail would be useful.

Furthermore, retrieval of essential information has been made easier than ever by software that can search and sieve through your company databases in an instant, picking out the files of any candidate or staff member you may need at a given time.

Video Interviews

Video technology has already revolutionised interviewing processes, and gathering video clips of your applicants has two distinct advantages: you get a real sense of your candidates’ personalities and each interview video can be stored and retrieved at will.

Video interviewing really offers the best of both worlds for the HR team, saving hours of time and avoiding dud candidates from slipping through to the final stages of the process.

Stay Alert!

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The hiring world moves at a breakneck speed, as more resources are made available to job-seekers to find more opportunities. If they miss an important message, the job-seeker that your company wants or even desperately needs could be swept up by a competitor before you get a chance to respond. Make sure that it’s impossible to miss an important message by setting your phone up to provide notifications for any and all incoming mail.

All phones are capable of alerting you when you receive urgent emails in one way or another – for a guide on how to do this, Mark O’Neil from MakeUseOf has written an excellent article to help you through the process. Failing that, ask your tech-savvy friend to do it for you!

Adopting innovative tech is an absolute must for maximising your HR team’s efficiency and productivity. There are so many ways to save your staff laborious hours doing mundane tasks that can be performed by modern systems, leaving your employees with more time to identify the best candidates that they – or technology – can find.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.