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12 Ways to Make HR Departments Love Technology

Clare Hopping


HR Departments have a reputation for a “stuck-in-their-ways” attitude. But as trends continue to show, technology is becoming more of a necessity for businesses looking to innovate and stay on top. Here are some ways you can win your HR team over to the side of the future.

As TLNT points out, adapting to change can be difficult for any department. But by using the following methods, you can make the shift easier, more efficient, and perhaps even more fun for your workforce.

1. Embrace Social Collaboration

With technology, you can greatly improve the efficiency of inter-departmental dialogue and encourage the dissemination of ideas throughout your business. Place HR in charge of social collaboration and set them to work on breaking down old department barriers by appointing a Social Collaboration Manager.

2. Stop Writing Reports, and Start Analysing Data

Hopefully, you’re already using a first-class HR database. If so, make sure to encourage data mining and analysis instead of the lengthy (and often tedious) practice of writing reports. Not only will this save immense amounts of time, but it will also create a system that’s more flexible and hospitable to change.

3. Manage Teams Better

Appoint a Performance Management Expert to keep a carefully trained eye on your workforce at all times. Get her or him to think about modern tools to help everyday performance and how best to align company goals at every level of the organisation.

4. Unify Your Company

It’s still surprising just how many HR departments aren’t responsible for managing contractors. Use technology to ensure that HR can keep every member of the team, no matter their payroll status, working towards the same goals.

5. Easier Succession

The current skills gap dominating the job market means that when a valuable employee leaves a company, valuable knowledge and experience often goes with them. By using an ongoing succession strategist from HR to deal with this problem by constantly seeking new talent online, you can often ease the burden of finding replacements, especially if they’re needed urgently.

6. Attract Youth

To put it bluntly, young jobseekers today expect to enter workforces that embrace technology. Using HR tools for organisation and communication can make talent acquisition more streamlined, centralised, and easy. Allow your HR team to make as much use of these tools as possible so they can engage with new recruits and manage their progress. 

7. Easier Data Storage

It’s telling that, of all technological trends, cloud data storage technology is the one being most heartily embraced, with an estimated 66% of top performers either using it currently or planning to use it in the near future, according to EY. Even the most conservative of HR departments will love the efficiency it provides.

8. Mobilised Data = Mobilised Workforce

The ability to mobilise data and discussion throughout all departments means that your HR team can remain completely up-to-speed on what’s going on from anywhere they can get 3G or WiFi reception. This can create more flexibility for your HR department, which is an absolute must for many companies today.

9. Practicality and Flexibility

Sudden changes or unexpected situations often create serious difficulties. So the next time you’re caught unprepared, use technology to find new solutions to the problem. By teaching your departments to proactively use technology for themselves when something goes wrong, you can show them how these tools can literally be job-savers.

10. Maintain a Global Mindset

Use social technology to connect your workforce to others around the world. Organise or participate in global discussions and aim to break barriers, not only between your departments, but between companies across the UK and even the world.

11. Emphasise Profits

By this point, there should be no doubt that by using technology, businesses improve their productivity and increase ROI. When this happens, ensure that you share this news with your workforce while explaining how technology is helping the whole company to achieve its goals.

12. Fun!


Incorporating new technology into your HR department’s functionality should provide your workers with a degree of fun, too. Instead of clamping down on social media use, utilise the technology to your advantage – a recent Forbes article suggests that social media can help improve communication and promote company brand.

Any change in a company is going to be met with varying levels of hesistance. But there are simply too many positives to using new technology for any department to pass it up. By giving HR teams more responsibility over changes while also increasing their own efficiency, you can make the transition smoother for all parties concerned. Begin implementing today, and bring your company into the 21st century!

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Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.