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Employer brand

Employer Branding: Video Can Push You Ahead of the Competition

Natasha Bernal

video interviewBusiness transactions don’t always involve money. Whether people are looking at a corporate website, visiting the company’s offices or meeting representatives at networking events, your business is being portrayed constantly to the outside world and people are ‘buying’ into your vision.

Perhaps the most important ‘sell’ that a company can make is directed at potential employees. In recruitment the tables have turned in favour of coveted candidates, who are able to pick which companies they would like to work for based on the information that they can find. Companies who are trying to attract the best talent face tough competition.

When candidates apply for jobs, companies are presented with an opportunity. There is no better time to put across a positive message about your company than when candidates are applying for a job. Not only will they be paying attention, they will also be more willing to evaluate the information that they have received and remember it in the future.

Candidates are more used to seeing video than ever before in the recruitment process. According to data from LaunchPad Recruits, 94% of graduate candidates are more likely to look positively on companies that are using video.

It’s true, you won’t be hiring everyone that is applying for a job at your company- but these people will remember their recruitment experience and your brand well after the hiring process is over. Video can be the difference between them remembering your company (and possibly re-applying for other posts in the future).

“Brands are starting to put stories first. They are developing structures internally that is seeing them develop into the role that TV networks used to play - using digital technology in conjunction with the power of social media they are able to tailor content based on a very direct understanding of their audience,” Barnaby Cook, Managing Director at Casual Films, said. “If your employer brand strategy aligns with your organisational strategy this leads to very powerful communications to potential candidates.”

Companies can share their core values and what working with them is like to candidates without spending a lot of time or money on their messaging.

Casual Films has shared their “How to make a video” video so that companies can find out how easy employer branding can be.

How to Make a Film Film from Casual Films on Vimeo.

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Natasha Bernal

Natasha is a journalist with an extensive technology and startup news background. She brings LaunchPad to life through words in our blog, press releases and updates. As the person that shapes our brand personality, she makes our goals and ideas reality in the online world.