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How to Motivate Clients to Think About Corporate Culture

Clare Hopping

happy_workerA positive corporate culture can’t exist without employees who embody those values. Incorporating that culture into the recruitment process is crucial to finding best-fit candidates.

A company culture can either be its salvation or damnation, according to Aimee Groth of Business Insider. While an organisation’s written mission, vision, and values may define its culture – at least on paper – its employees are the ones who bring those day-to-day values to life.

That’s why keeping your company culture at the fore throughout the hiring process ensures a happier, more productive workforce in the long term. With these ideas in mind, it becomes much simpler to find a candidate who will best fit in with your business.

Attract the Best Talent

Managing talent – attracting, recruiting, retaining, and developing – is one of the top three priorities for HR teams in 2015, says Office Vibe. So as you’re staking out new hires, bear in mind that potential employees are looking for the same thing, too; according to Recruiter, a company’s culture is of the highest-prioritized search items in the job hunt.

Everything about the recruitment process, from the job description to the email inviting them to interview, gives candidates an idea of what the company is about and what it might be like to work for them. Employers need to take advantage of this process to display why they’re a good company to work for, how they’re different from their competitors, and why candidates should choose them.

Recruit the Right Person

office_funRecruitment isn’t just about funnelling the right candidates into the right positions – it’s about ensuring that they’re a wonderful fit for the company overall. Sometimes, managers are so fixated on finding the most competent person for a nuanced task that they overlook the importance of choosing one that integrates well with many roles.

This is a “deadly mistake,” especially for start-ups, adds Groth, who further urges leaders to hire those who can see the big picture and help a company thrive. After all, you can teach someone new skills, but you can’t force a square peg into a round hole – if someone doesn’t fit the company culture, they probably never will. An employee who fits in will be happier, more productive, and able to grow and develop their skills.

Retain People

Forbes, quoting research from Deloitte, claims that we are in the midst of a retention crisis, and that culture, engagement, and employee retention are the top talent challenges facing business leaders. Given that it costs £30,000 to replace a staff member, according to HR Review, the benefits of attracting the right person from the start are clear.

Candidates who get to know a company’s culture are more likely to fit in well. Not only will they help to reinforce the culture, they’re also more likely to be happy in their job, and therefore stay longer.

A Happy, Healthy Workforce

Happy workers are more engaged, creative, focussed, and productive, according to the Guardian. In fact, the difference in productivity between happy and unhappy people at work can range between 10% and 50%.

Every employee has a part to play in company culture, so one wrong hire could have a lasting effect. Being open and transparent about culture in the hiring process will help to ensure that all employees are the right fit from the start.

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Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.