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Video Interviewing

How to Most Effectively Implement Video Interviewing Into Your Recruitment Strategy

Clare Hopping

How to Most Effectively Implement Video Interviewing Into Your Recruitment Strategy


Integrating video technology with HR is the way of the future. Make sure your company is up to speed with the best recruiting technology the industry has to offer.

According to the BBC, 18 of the 20 largest firms in the world use some form of technology in their hiring strategies. While many companies still use online forms and quizzes to test a candidate’s skills and personality, the more innovative firms are turning to video recruitment technology to enhance their hiring process and avoid some of its major pitfalls.

How Does it Work?

LaunchPad Recruits offers a variety of powerful tools to enhance each stage of the recruitment process. It begins with automatic pre-screening and scoring features to narrow the initial applicant pool down to the most qualified candidates. Then come the video applications, which are prerecorded, and the video interviews, which are conducted live.

Using the former and the latter in direct succession can help recruiters gain the valuable insights they need to make informed decisions and hire the best-suited individuals for the job. Video recruiting software also saves HR departments a great deal of money, effort, and time, as it removes the need for face-to-face interviews with clearly unsuitable candidates.

LaunchPad’s powerful platform paints a comprehensive picture of each candidate, along with a highly-customisable interface that allows recruiters to view applications and CVs alongside both recorded videos and live interviews. Plus, they can control the privacy parameters of each application, making it accessible to the entire department, or viewable by invitation only.

But this technology isn’t just about improving recruitment from an HR perspective -- it enhances the candidate’s experience by offering a direct and convenient channel for communication with their potential new employer, removing any undue friction from the application process.

Surmounting Technical Difficulties

Many companies use generic video chat platforms when conducting video interviews, but these often come with a long list of problems. Programs like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime require users to make an account with that particular service (or product, in Apple’s case), significantly shrinking the applicant pool. Then there’s the lack of features -- Skype wasn’t designed with recruiting in mind, and doesn’t offer the same functionality as a dedicated interviewing platform like LaunchPad’s.

Remember that recruiters aren’t the only ones using the interview process to pass judgements -- a prospective employee’s brand perception should be of principal importance. Using a generic platform like Skype could seem a bit too casual to a highly-qualified candidate looking for a position at a top firm. Companies wanting to project a cutting-edge, professional image must conduct the interview process accordingly.

Finding the Best Fit

According to HR Magazine, video recruiting technology “is the future direction of assessment,” so it’s essential to find the best service possible. LaunchPad Recruits offers unique integrated technology to ensure your hiring efforts are both faster and more cohesive, while making the process safer and simpler with powerful encryption software and multi-device support. Furthermore, LaunchPad’s state-of-the-art algorithms ensures hiring is fair, objective, and consistent.

But most importantly, LaunchPad understands that each recruitment experience is unique and requires custom-tailored attention. LaunchPad works directly with clients to ensure that the software is seamlessly integrated in the way best suited to their individual needs. If video recruiting is the doorway to accessing top talent, LaunchPad is the key you need to open it.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.