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Hiring the Best Is Doomed to Failure...

Anthony Tattersall

sand-reprint-feet-sole-59876.jpeg...unless you can keep them engaged and invest in their development.

Your best hires will expect engaging work, to be challenged, to have opportunities to learn, develop and grow. If their current role doesn’t deliver this, they’ll look for one that does – and because they’re great, they will have other options. Today, there are sophisticated digital tools that can be used to measure satisfaction and productivity, take action and help employees develop in spite of their workloads. When you can do this, you’ll not only be making great hires – you’ll realise the full value of doing so.

In this day and age, companies have access to a dizzying array of metrics to determine their overall health and profitability, but how do you measure the impact on a given workforce or individual employee? As technology advances, organisations are finding that measuring everything from employee engagement to efficiency is becoming easier than ever before.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Part of what makes measuring the human behaviour in any business so difficult is the complex range of attributes that ultimately affect productivity. Keeping employees engaged, for example, is critical to sustaining a happy and productive workforce. But how can you gauge whether your staff is finding fulfillment through their work? Traditional annual engagement surveys offer a snapshot of engagement at a single point of time and give only limited insight. Technology allows a more dynamic, frequent and interactive approach.

Take Satisfaction@Work as an example, which uses a questionnaire to identify areas of improvement and then offers a programme of interactive exercises to target specific points of development. It then facilitates real-time analysis that enables you to track progress on these engagement-building initiatives.

Tools like Satisfaction@Work are fundamentally based on feedback given by employees, but finding productive ways to solicit that feedback and subsequently engage in a meaningful conversation – and enact real change – can prove challenging. theLeader.io serves as an excellent resource to do just that, allowing leaders to survey their employees with custom or built-in questions. The tool’s embedded analytics mean you can instantly track the efficacy of your behavioral and/or policy changes, optimising these initiatives in real-time for maximum impact.

Prioritise Improvement

The most successful leaders and employees are constantly striving to learn, but a seemingly endless stream of work tasks and personal responsibilities can make it feel impossible to find the time to dedicate to professional development. PropelU challenges that assumption, providing bite-sized, engaging content to digest during all the little free moments we have throughout the day. Whether you’re standing in a cue, waiting for an appointment, or on the bus, this app delivers useful lessons and information customised to your interests and needs.

Once you’ve taken the initiative to integrate self-education into your day-to-day, it’s important to broaden your lens: set improvement projects for yourself and your teammates into motion, and facilitate their completion with goal-tracking tools like Grow.com that catalogue all your data in one easily accessible place. What’s more, keeping a close eye on every measurable element of your business via data collection is essential in order to deploy predictive analytics, and thereby shape your future decision-making in the most informed way possible. Used in conjunction with project management tools like Trello, metrics tools make it easy to track project efficiency and keep everyone on the same page.

A Better Approach to Recruitment

If you already have (or are working towards) an environment where you can measure satisfaction and engagement in order to support the development of your employees, then you can hire the best and know that they will flourish. You will also have insights into the kind of employees that will thrive in your culture and the skills and personal attributes that they need. With this information in hand, potential new employees can be evaluated more effectively.

The best talent will always be in demand and it’s essential that you have a rigorous and highly selective recruitment process that’s capable of identifying these individuals. Sophisticated video assessment technology enables HR teams and hiring managers to quickly and consistently evaluate their fit for the position – and compatibility with the existing workforce – in the most objective way possible. It also offers a powerful way to engage with candidates early in the recruitment process, getting them more excited about your organisation than any other they might be considering. Ultimately, a highly skilled, right-fit hire greatly increases productivity and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming training (or in the worst case, terminating their employment).

It can be easy to lose sight of the value of engaged and motivated employees in a business world dominated by bottom line metrics. Make use of these innovative digital tools to reassess, realign, and reinvigorate your workforce – the results will be palpable (and profitable).

Anthony Tattersall

Anthony Tattersall is Chief Sales Officer at LaunchPad Recruits